Best Terminal Apps for Mac [macOS] in 2021

Use command lines on Mac with the best Terminals Apps and increase your performance..

The terminal is a software program that executes and performs your function using the command line. The terminal commands are always safe to use. You should be very careful while using terminals as you have to enter the exact command as they are programmed. With a Terminal app, you can accomplish and automate the process on your computer. Mac PC and laptops come with a good terminal app but still, people are not satisfied with it and looking for the best terminal apps for Mac which gives plenty of options to enhance our performance.

Best Terminal Apps for Mac

Here are the list of best terminal apps for Mac which you will find useful:

  1. iTerm 2
  2. Terminator
  3. Hyper
  4. Alacritty
  5. Upterm
  6. ZOC
  7. Cathode
  8. TreeTerm
  9. Kitty
  10. MacTerm

iTerm 2

iTerm 2 - Best Terminal Apps for Mac

iTerm 2 is an amazing terminal emulator supported on Mac devices. It features a robust search that helps you to find and access the desired file quickly. It has the ability to split a single-window into multiple or several panes which enhance you to work effectively. Each pane has its own independent sessions. iTerm2 supports multiple profiles, autocomplete for commands, different customization tools, and many more. It is entirely free software to download and access.



Terminator - Best Terminal App for Mac

Terminator is a free and open-source program that allows you to sort multiple terminals in a gird. With this app, you can create some tricky layouts and access several terminals simultaneously. It is similar to the GNOME terminal that supports plenty of keyboard shortcuts to perform your actions. It features with a find function, with this you can search for text within your terminal.


Hyper - Best Terminal Apps for Mac

Hyper is an electron based terminal that comes with a beautiful interface to use. It one of the fastest and standard terminal apps built-in with innovative features to enhance your performance. It supports HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programmings. Furthermore, it allows you to create and add your own plugins and reload them using the keyboard shortcut (Command + R). There are tons of themes available to choose from for your plugins.


Alacritty - Best Terminal App for Mac

Alacritty is one of the fastest terminal emulators compatible with macOS which is designed with a user-friendly interface. It is a simple program that doesn’t fill with an infinite number of features but at the same time it never fulfills your necessary requirements. You can easily install this app on your Mac and there is no additional setup required to access this terminal.


Upterm - Best Terminal Apps for Mac

Upterm is an open-source terminal accessible on macOS. Generally it functions as both Terminal emulator and IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Upterm is formally called Black Screen that features with a smart search for quick access and all your searches are saved to the history tab. You are allowed to perform your function with appropriate keyboard keys. Upterm has auto-completion ability that completes commands and prevents you from repeating the command.


ZOC - Best Terminal App for Mac

ZOC is an outstanding terminal software with powerful features and elegant tools for better configuration. It is designed with a modern interface and different customization to meet your preference. ZOC is enabled with SSH protocol that prevents your data transfer over unsecured networks. This is a standard terminal that supports various keyboard combinations and scrolls back options as well. Additionally, it equipped with robust script language and automatic identification of command-line based on your previous functions. It is a cost-worthy terminal software priced at $79.99. Moreover, it offers 30 days of free trial for new users.


Cathode - Best Terminal Apps for Mac

The cathode is a high-quality terminal emulator designed with a classic vintage interface and several customizations. This emulator is equipped with sound effects and it works well on full-screen mode as well. You can add different curvature to the screen, scan lines, results, and more. When you decided to use Cathode on Mac you are required to pay and purchase the subscription. It is priced at $10.


BTreeTerm - Best Terminal App for Mac

TreeTerm app on Mac is the combination of both a terminal emulator and a file manager. The file manager directory you selected from the TreeTerm will work as a directory of the terminal pane. Additionally, you are allowed to send cd-commands directly to the built-in Mac terminal app. As a terminal emulator it supports SSH, Multi-pane view, and many more. TreeTerm requires a one-time payment of € 9.90 and it offers 30 free trial access. It is one of the best terminal apps for Mac.


Kitty - Best Terminal Apps for Mac

Kitty is a fast and featured rich GPU based terminal emulator compatible with macOS. It uses OpenGL for quick access with tiling multiple layouts side by side. It supports all advanced terminal features including different graphics, Unicode, true-color, mouse controls, focus tracking, and many more. You can control from scripts or shell prompts and even through SSH. This app is enabled with a framework of Kittens which helps you to extend the Kitty functionalities and also supports startup sessions to choose the layout or directory to run during the startup.


MacTerm - Best Terminal App for Mac

MacTerm is a powerful terminal that comes with all standard features and graphics protocols. It is said to be a perfect alternative to use instead of the native macOS terminal. MacTerm is absolutely free software with a modern interface to use. It allows you to view multiple pans, session management, smart search, and permits you to customize everything. It has the ability to handle a significant number of URLs and file formats.

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Our Opinion

The above are the best terminals apps for Mac which you can use instead of the default terminal app. Each and every terminal app performs the same activities but with additional features. You can download and install the app in which you feel comfortable and easy to operate on the command line.

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