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How to Chromecast YouTube Videos [2 Methods]

You can Chromecast YouTube Videos to stream the videos on your TV.

Since February 2005, YouTube has been the popular streaming service used across the world. It is a place where you discover new things, learn, and get entertainment through different platforms. Users can also upload videos that are very interesting and entertaining. Along with supporting numerous platforms, YouTube is one of the Chromecast compatible apps. If you’re eager to know how to Chromecast YouTube videos on TV? You’re in right place.

With the help of Google Chromecast, one can stream YouTube videos from the smaller screens of mobile or PC to the bigger screens of TV. Casting YouTube videos is not difficult at all.

Chromecast YouTube

How to Watch YouTube Videos with Chromecast?

YouTube has an inbuilt cast feature to stream its content on the bigger screens. Along with that, you can also cast YouTube videos from on your desktop or laptop. We will show the instructions for both methods. Select and use the method which is convenient for you.

  • Cast YouTube videos from Android/iOS app
  • Cast YouTube Videos from Desktop/Laptops

Chromecast YouTube Videos from Android or iOS device

(1) Download and install the YouTube app on Android or iOS device. For both platforms, the application is officially on the respective app store.

(2) Make sure that your Chromecast and Android/iOS device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

(3) Launch the YouTube app.

(4) If both the devices are in the same Wi-Fi network, the cast icon will appear on the top right corner of the screen.

(5) By clicking that icon, your nearby devices will appear on the screen.

(6) Once the connection was made, you will have a “Ready to cast” message at the bottom of the screen.

(7) Now, select the video that you want to cast.

(8) Tap the Play icon.

(9) The video will be cast on the Chromecast connected screen.

Once the video was cast, you can minimize the YouTube screen to use the device for other purposes.

(10) To stop the casting, click the Cast icon and select Stop Casting.

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Chromecast YouTube Videos from Desktop/Laptop

To chromecast YouTube videos from PC, you need to download Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac devices. Google Chrome has the inbuilt feature to cast YouTube videos on Chromecast.

(1) Just like the previous method, Chromecast and the casting device (Windows or Mac PC) must be on the same Wi-Fi network.

(2) Open the Chrome browser.

(3) Go to

(4) Select and play the video that you want to Cast.

(5) If both the devices are in the same network, the cast icon will appear below the video.

Chromecast YouTube

(6) Tap that icon and select your Chromecast device.

Chromecast YouTube

(7) By clicking the device name, your video will cast on the TV.

(8) A confirmation message will appear below the video.

Cast YouTube Videos

(9) To stop casting, click the Cast icon and select the Device name.

How to add videos for back-to-back play?

While watching/cast a video, you can add other videos to your queue to play it automatically. Hence, you don’t need to visit YouTube once a video gets over.

(1) Just, select the video that you want to add in your queue.

(2) You will be prompted to select either Play or Add to Queue.

(3) Select Add to Queue. Now, the video will be added to your queue.

Chromecast YouTube

(4) If you want to add more videos, repeat the same steps.

Alternative Method

Along with the above-mentioned methods, you can also cast YouTube videos with the help of third-party apps. Cast to TV by InShot Inc is one of the apps that let you cast YouTube easily from your Android device.

(1) Download and install Cast to TV app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

(2) If your Android device and Chromecast are in the same network, your chromecast device will appear on the screen.

(3) Tap the Device name.

(4) Once the connection was made, click the menu bar and tap the Web menu.

(5) Select the YouTube section or enter on the search bar.

(6) Use the search bar on YouTube to search for your favourite videos.

(7) Select and play the video. Your video will play on the Chromecast connected TV.

(8) To stop casting, click the Cast Icon and select Disconnect.

Our Opinion

As Youtube and Chromecast are both products of Google, there won’t be any issues using these together. You can easily cast youtube videos to your TV with the help of this casting device.

Use the comments section if you had any queries on casting YouTube videos. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.


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