Facebook to pay $1.6 Million fine to Brazil for improper sharing of user data

Brazil Ministry has fined Facebook $1.6 Million (R$ 6.6 Million) on this Monday for improper sharing of user data. It was found that 443,000 Facebook users were improperly created to the developers of the app named “thisisyourdigitallife” and this data was shared for the purpose to raise the question.

Brazil’s Ministry of Justice stated the fine is the first-ever charge to Facebook in Brazil which is for misuse of data by Cambridge Analytica in 2018. Moreover, Facebook didn’t give a quick response to the request for comment.

Facebook responded with a statement that it was evaluating its legal options regarding the case. The company said, “We are focused on protecting people’s privacy” and they have made changes that will restrict the developers on accessing the information.

The Ministry has also said that the world’s largest social network has failed to provide sufficient information on Privacy setting, mainly related to details of ‘friends’ and ‘friends of friends.’

Facebook has 10 days to appeal the decision and 30 days to pay the fine.

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