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How to Cancel Apple TV Plus on Apple Devices

You can cancel your Apple TV Plus subscription on any Apple device.

Key Highlights

  • Apple TV: SettingsUsers and AccountsDefault User SubscriptionsApple TV+Cancel SubscriptionConfirm
  • iPhone/iPad: Tap Profile iconManage SubscriptionsApple TV+Cancel Subscription
  • Mac: Mac App StoreClick NameAccount SettingsSubscriptionsManageEditCancel Subscription
  • Windows: Launch iTunesAccountView my accountSettingsSubscriptionManageEditCancel Subscription

Apple TV+ is the most popular streaming platform among Apple users. Apple TV Plus streams various entertaining content and exclusive shows to watch. If you have subscribed to Apple TV Plus, you can cancel it from any device, such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Cancel Apple TV Plus Subscription [Apple TV]

1. On your Apple TV, go to Settings.

2. Using the Apple TV remote, choose Users and Accounts.

Apple TV Plus cancel subscription

3. Select the name under Default User.

4. Move down to Subscriptions.

5. Choose Apple TV+ – Channel, and finally, select Cancel Subscription.

6. You will be asked for confirmation. Select Confirm.

Cancel Apple TV Plus Subscription on iPhone/iPad

1. Launch the Apple TV application on your device and sign in if needed.

2. Click the Profile icon (top left) to navigate your Apple TV account.

3. Press Manage Subscriptions and click Apple TV+

Manage subscription Apple TV Plus

4. Finally, click Cancel Subscription to terminate the subscriptions.

Alternative Method

If you don’t have an Apple TV application on your device, you can cancel it from Settings.

1. Go to Settings and tap the Apple ID under your name.

2. Click Subscriptions.

Subscriptions on Apple TV Plus

3. Next, click on Apple TV+ subscription.

4. Lastly, tap Cancel Subscription.

Steps to Cancel Apple TV+ Subscription on Mac

You can cancel your Apple TV Plus subscription on Mac using the browser or from the Mac App Store.

By Browser

1. Open the default browser on the Mac and visit the official website of Apple TV.

2. Click Sign In (top right) and enter your Apple ID credentials.

3. Next, click the Profile icon (top left) and choose Settings from the drop-down.

4. Go to Subscriptions, and you will find Apple TV+.

5. Click Manage under it.

6. Further, click Cancel Subscription.

By Mac App Store

1. Go to Mac App Store and click Name.

2. Next, click Account SettingsSubscriptionsManage.

Cancelling subscription on Mac

3. Select Edit and click Cancel Subscription.

How to Cancel Subscription Through Windows PC

1. Launch iTunes on your Windows PC.

2. Next, from the Menu bar, click AccountView My Account.

3. Go to Settings and click Manage next to Subscriptions.

Cancelling subscription on Windows

4. Click EditCancel Subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to share Apple TV Plus with family?

Go to Settings on your iPhone → Click Apple IDFamily SharingSet Up Your Family. Add your family members, and you can share the Apple TV + subscription with others.

2. How to Watch Apple TV Plus on Android?

In the case of TV, you can directly install the Apple TV on Android TV. For smartphones, you can visit on your browser and start streaming.

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