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How to Change Chromecast Screensaver or Background

Customize the ambient background on Chromecast to display your favorite photos.

Casting contents from handheld to smart TV is made effortlessly with Google Chromecast. It is an inexpensive digital media player by Google to stream content in a picture-perfect quality. In addition to streaming, the customization options on the device seem to be outstanding. Whenever Chromecast doesn’t receive any media files, it will go to the idle state. At that time, it will display a slideshow to make the screen visually appealing. They are the stock images and are of high-quality photos. But, if you wish to customize a bit with your preferred image, it is easily possible with the Google Home app. Directly from Android or iOS, you can change the screensaver or background of Chromecast at any time. The following guide will show you the necessary steps to change it.

How to Change Chromecast Screensaver or Background?

(1). Launch the Google Home app and ensure your Android or iOS device and Chromecast was connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

(2). Tap on the Chromecast device name from the lower-left corner.

Select Chromecast Device
Select Chromecast Device

(3). Select the Settings icon.

Click on Settings to Change Chromecast Screensaver
Click on Settings

(4). Click on Personalize Ambient mode and more among the list of options.

Select Personalize Ambient Mode and more
Select Personalize Ambient Mode and more

(5). On the pop-up, hit Yes, I’m in.

Tap on Yes, I'm in
Tap on Yes, I’m in

(6). Choose Ambient Mode on the following screen.

Click on Ambient Mode to Change Chromecast Screensaver
Click on Ambient Mode

(7). Select between Google Photos, Art gallery, or Experimental.

Choose the Ambient Mode to Change Chromecast Screensaver
Choose the Ambient Mode

With this, the screensaver you have chosen will appear on the standby mode on Chromecast.

Our Opinion

Currently, Chromecast lets you customize the background by using Android or iOS devices. You cannot change the screensaver right from your desktop platform. Have you been able to change the background of Chromecast successfully? Let us hear your feedback through the comments section. Keep on visiting our Facebook and Twitter profiles to get the latest updates.

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