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How to Reset Samsung Smart TV to Factory Settings

When your Smart TV is not working properly, then you can reset it to factory settings to fix the issue.

With the evolution of TV, you can now watch movies and Live TVs without any cable connection. Smart TVs allow you to download and install apps to stream your favourite contents. Samsung has manufactured plenty of Smart TVs. You can easily add apps on Samsung Smart TV and stream on it. Apart from streaming media, you can also play games as well. Sometimes, like other Smart devices, your Samsung Smart TV might get hung or gets slowed down. During such times, it is better to reset your Samsung Smart TV to factory settings.

When you reset your Samsung Smart TV, the technical glitches gets removed and you can install the apps once again.

Note: By resetting your Samsung Smart TV, all the data and apps installed will get deleted.

How to Reset Samsung Smart TV?

Resetting Samsung Smart TV will delete all your saved data and settings. Therefore, Reset your TV only when it is not functioning properly. Factory reset will restore your Samsung TV to its original state at the time of purchase. There are two methods to Reset Samsung Smart TV:

  1. Reset using Remote control.
  2. Reset through Menu options.

Method 1: Reset Samsung TV Using Remote control

This is one of the most common methods of resetting your TV:

(1) Put your Samsung TV in the standby mode by turning it off.

(2) Press and hold Mute, 1, 8, 2, and the Power button on remote together.

Reset Samsung Smart TV

(3) Select Factory reset and then press the OK button on the remote. It will start the factory reset process.

(4) Now Turn on your TV and use it without any interruptions.

The above is the most common method to use. It is very simple and a straightforward method. If you are not able to reset by the above method, then follow the method 2.

If you also own a Vizio TV, then learn the procedure on how to reset Vizio Smart TV as well.

Method 2: Reset Samsung Smart TV through Menu options

Apart from using remote, you can also use the below method to reset your TV as well.

(1) Turn on your TV and press Menu button on your remote.

(2) Select Support option and press the Enter button.

(3) Choose Self Diagnosis under Support Option.

Self Diagnosis

(4) Now Select Reset option and then press the Enter button.

Reset Samsung Smart TV

(5) Enter the PIN and it will open the reset page.

Enter PIN

(6) Select Yes to start Factory Reset.

Reset Samsung Smart TV

You Samsung TV will start resetting process. Once the resetting is completed, you can start using the TV.

Our Opinion

If your Samsung TV is not responding quickly or gets hung, then it might be due to the apps installed. Always update the app on Samsung Smart TV to the latest version to keep your TV away from bugs. If the problem still persists, then follow the above methods to reset your TV to the factory settings.

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  1. I can get to reset but need to input the pin. My remote is broken and I can’t figure out how to enter numbers using the push button on back of tv. Ideas? Hi, I have a Samsung TV – un40es6500. I need to factory reset it but the remote doesn’t work. I can get to the reset menu using the little dial on the back of tv but to reset it requires a number code and I can’t figure out a way to input a number. Ideas? thanks

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