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How to Reset Samsung Smart TV to Factory Settings

When your Smart TV is not working properly, then you can reset it to factory settings to fix the issue.

Samsung is one of the most popular Smart TV brands used across the world. It uses a dedicated operating system called TizenOS. You can download apps on Samsung Smart TV to stream the required content. Like other smart devices, your Samsung Smart TV may slow down due to various issues. You can try several solutions to overcome the issue. If the solutions have failed to fix the issue, you need to reset the Samsung Smart TV firmware to fix it.

Resetting the firmware will delete all the saved data and settings from your TV. Then, you need to set up the Samsung TV to use it from scratch.

How to Reset Samsung TV With Remote Control [According to Models]

According to the year of manufacture, the resetting process will differ for each model on Samsung TV.

2022 Models

[1] Turn on your Samsung TV and press the Home button on the remote control.

[2] Once the home screen appears, click Menu on the left pane.

Click Menu

[3] Under Menu, choose Settings → All Settings.

Choose All Settings

[4] Select General & Privacy and click Reset.

Click Reset

[5] A popup will appear and ask you to enter the PIN.

Note: The default PIN for all Samsung TV models is “0000

[6] Once entered, click Yes to proceed with the reset.

2017-2021 Models

[1] After launching your Samsung TV, press the Home button on your remote.

[2] Bring up the Smart Hub and click the Settings option.

Select Settings

[3] Under settings, choose General from the list of options.

[4] Under General, click Reset.

Click Reset

[5] Finally, enter the PIN and hit Yes to proceed with the reset.

Enter the PIN

2014 – 2016 Models

[1] Once the TV is powered on, press the Home/Menu button on the remote.

[2] After that, scroll down and select Support from the list of available options.

Select Support

[3] Under the Support section, choose Self Diagnosis.

[4] Scroll and select Reset. Enter the PIN to proceed further.

Click Reset on Samsung TV

[5] Hit Yes on the Reset popup to reset your TV.

Click Yes to reset Samsung TV

2013 and Older Models

[1] Turn on your Samsung TV.

[2] While it’s on, press the Exit button on your remote control for 10-15 seconds.

Press Exit button

[3] After that, a standby light will blink without any interruptions.

[4] Now, a Factory Reset popup will display on the screen.

[5] Click OK to reset the TV.

How to Reset Samsung TV Without Remote Control

For instance, when your Samsung TV remote isn’t working properly, you can use the SmartThings app installed on your smartphone or the physical button on your Samsung TV to perform a reset.

Reset Using Physical Button

[1] Locate the physical Reset/Power button on your Samsung TV.

Note: Mostly, the physical buttons will locate at the bottom or backside of your Samsung TV.

[2] Once you find the Reset/power button, press and hold the button for a few seconds until your TV turns off.

Press the Reset/Power button to reset Samsung TV

[3] Now, your TV will reset to the factory defaults.

Reset Using SmartThings App

SmartThings is a mobile app specifically designed to control, monitor, and automate all the Samsung appliances in your home with the help of a smartphone. With this app paired on your Samsung smart TV, you can perform all the operations that are being done by remote control.


[1] Fetch your smartphone and install the SmartThings app via App Store or Play Store.

[2] Once installed, open the app and pair it with your Samsung Smart TV.

[3] After pairing, you can use the navigation keys to surf the Settings menu and perform the factory reset without the remote.

How to Reset Samsung TV Using Service Menu

Accessing the service menu on Samsung TV is the easiest way to reset your TV firmware without providing the PIN.

[1] If your Samsung TV is turned on, press the Power button on the remote control and put it in Standby Mode.

[2] Press the Mute + 1 + 8 + 2 + Power buttons on your remote control to get the Service menu.

If the Service menu doesn’t appear after pressing the above buttons, you can try the below combinations:

  • Info + Menu + Mute + Power
  • Info + Settings + Mute + Power
  • Display + Settings + Mute + Power
  • Display + P.STD + Mute + Power
  • Info + P.STD + Mute + Power
  • P.STD + Help + Sleep + Power
  • P.STD + Menu + Sleep + Power
  • Sleep + P.STD + Mute + Power

[3] Once the Service menu displays on the screen, click Options and choose Factory Reset.

Click Factory Reset on Samsung TV

[4] It will power off and restart your TV.

How to Reset Samsung TV With Black Screen

If your Samsung TV displays a black screen, you can’t be able to use your remote control. In that situation, force reset the TV.

[1] While your Samsung TV is on a black screen, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.

[2] Now, press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button altogether for 10 seconds.

[3] While holding the buttons, plug the TV back into the wall outlet and turn it on.

[4] After that, you can follow the on-screen instruction to finish the reset.

How to Reset Smart Hub on Samsung TV

Smart Hub is Samsung’s gateway to exploring new features and content in the smart TVs lineup. It allows users to search for movies & shows, browse the web, explore apps, play games, and more. If it malfunctions, do the following to reset and fix the issue.

  • 2022 Model: Home Menu Settings All Settings Support Device Care Self Diagnosis Reset Smart Hub Enter PIN Yes.
  • 2020 & 2021 Models: Home Settings Support Device Care Self Diagnosis Reset Smart Hub Enter PIN Yes.
  • 2016-2019 Models: Home Settings Support Self Diagnosis Reset Smart Hub Enter PIN Yes.
  • 2015 Model: Menu  Smart Hub  Reset Smart Hub.
  • 2014 Model: Menu  Smart Features  Smart Hub Reset.
  • 2013 Model: Menu → Smart Hub → Smart Hub Reset.
  • 2012 Model: Press the Smart Hub button Tools → Settings → Reset.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to reset Samsung Smart TV remote?

To reset the remote control, remove the batteries from the dock and press the Power button for 10 seconds. Now your remote has been reset successfully. Reinsert the batteries again and use the remote comfortably.

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  1. I can get to reset but need to input the pin. My remote is broken and I can’t figure out how to enter numbers using the push button on back of tv. Ideas? Hi, I have a Samsung TV – un40es6500. I need to factory reset it but the remote doesn’t work. I can get to the reset menu using the little dial on the back of tv but to reset it requires a number code and I can’t figure out a way to input a number. Ideas? thanks

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