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How to Share Screen on Messenger [Mobile & PC]

Share your screen on Messenger to interact with your friends and colleagues

Key Highlights

  • iPhone: Messenger app Video call Share Your Screen Start Sharing Select Messenger Start Broadcast.
  • Android: Messenger app Video call Share Your Screen Continue Start Now
  • Desktop: Messenger app Video call Screen Share Allow permissions Choose Your Entire Screen/Application Window Share.
  • Web: Login Video call Share Your Screen Select Entire Screen/Window/Chrome Tab Share.

Messenger is a built-in messaging platform on Facebook. With Messenger, you can communicate with friends via text, audio, and video, similar to other social media apps. One of the hidden features of the Messenger app is Share Screen. The platform offers a screen-sharing feature, where you can share the entire screen or a specific tab with your colleagues. Moreover, you can use this feature for online meetings, video conferences, or presentations remotely.

How to Share Screen on Messenger [iPhone]

[1] Unlock your iPhone and launch the Messenger app.

[2] Open your friend’s chat and tap the Video icon to start the video call.

[3] Once they attend the call, swipe up from the below to access additional options.

[4] Scroll down and tap Share Your Screen.

Click Share Your screen

[5] Then, tap Start Sharing.

Hit Start Sharing

[6] In the Screen Broadcast pop-up, select Messenger and tap Start Broadcast.

Select Messenger and click Start Broadcast

[7] Now, your entire screen will be shared with the person.

[8] If you want to end sharing your screen, tap Stop Broadcast.

Click Stop Broadcast

Tip! If you got bored of using the default light theme, enable dark mode on Facebook Messenger for a new experience.

How to Share Screen on Messenger [Android]

Unlike iPhone, the steps to share screens on Messenger will vary slightly on Android.

[1] Launch your Android device and open the Messenger app.

[2] Then, make a video call to your friend.

[3] After the person accepts your call, tap the Square shaped icon at the center and select Share Your Screen.

Click the icon at center

[4] Then, tap Continue.

[5] From the pop-up, tap Start Now.

[6] Now, your entire screen will be shared with the person.

[7] You can tap Stop Sharing to end the screen mirroring with the person.

Click Stop Sharing to end screen share on Messenger

How to Share Screen on Messenger [Desktop]

If you’re using the Messenger desktop app, you can easily share your screen by following the below steps.

[1] Launch the Messenger app on your Windows or Mac.

[2] Then, make a video call to a person.

[3] Once the person responds, click More (three-dot icon) at the bottom and select Screen Share.

Click Screen Share

[4] Then, allow access to the Messenger app to record the contents of your screen.

Allow permissions for Messenger

[5] After that, choose either Your Entire Screen or the Application Window.

[6] Click Share.

Choose the window and click Share

[7] Finally, when you’re done sharing the screen, click Stop Sharing to end the process, and you can continue with the video call.

How to Share Screen on Messenger [Web]

[1] Open the browser on your PC and visit the Messenger login page.

[2] Log in to your Messenger account using your Facebook credentials.

[3] Once logged in, click a chat and make a video call to your friend.

[4] Once the person accepts, click Share Your Screen and allow access to record your screen.

Click Share Your Screen

[5] After that, choose Entire Screen or a Window or a Chrome Tab and click Share.

Click Share

[6] Now, your respective screen will be shared with another person. You can click Stop Sharing to terminate the recording.

Click Stop Sharing to end screen share on Messenger

Tip! You can also get Messenger on your Apple Watch to respond to all your messages without using your iPhone on the run.

How to Share Screen With Multiple People on Messenger

Besides sharing your screen with a single person, you can also add multiple people and share with them. To share your screen in a group conversation, you must choose multiple contacts to share the screen.

[1] While sharing the screen with your friend, click Add People.

[2] Choose the contacts that you want to share with and click Add.

[3] Once all the recipients have accepted the video call request, you can able to view all members’ profiles and also chat with them while sharing the screen.

[4] When you’re finished, click Stop Sharing, it will end sharing your screen with all members.

Tip! You can clear the cache on Messenger when the app malfunctions or consumes more storage on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to share screen on messenger with audio?

While sharing the screen, enable Share Audio to present your screen with audio.

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