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How to Share Screen on Telegram [Mobile & Desktop]

Share your mobile or desktop screen easily with the Telegram app.

Key Highlights

  • Android: Open the conversation → Call icon → Start VideoPhone ScreenShare VideoStart now.
  • iPhone: Open the conversation → Tap on the contact’s name → Call icon → CameraPhone ScreenContinueStart Broadcast.
  • Desktop: Open the conversation → Call button → Screencast → Select the screen → Share screen.

Telegram is a communication application that you can use to connect with friends and family members instantly. Apart from that, you can also use Telegram to share your smartphone and desktop screen with or without audio. The application has the built-in setting to share the screen witwith a person or group of people.

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How to Share Screen on Telegram [Android]

1: Launch the Telegram app on your device.

2: Open the conversation of the person you want to share the screen.

3: Select the Call icon next to the person’s name.

Tap the Call button

4: When the receiver attends the call, convert the call from an audio to a Video call by selecting the Start Video button.

How to Share Screen on Telegram

5: On the bottom of the screen, select the Phone screen option and click the Share Video button.

Share the screen

6: Click on Start now for sharing your screen.

How to Share Screen on Telegram

7: Your Android screen will appear on the receiver’s device.

How to Share Screen on Telegram [iPhone]

1: Open the Telegram app on your iPhone.

2: Open a conversation and tap the name of the person. It will display all the information about the contact.

3: Select the Call icon and wait for the receiver to attend the call.

4: Once he/she attends the call, tap the Camera icon.

How to Share Screen on Telegram

5: Choose the Phone Screen option and tap on the Continue button.

mirror Phone screen

6: Tap the Start Broadcast button.

Start Broadcast

7: After a 3-seconds, your iPhone screen will be shared.

Telegram Screen Share on Windows/Mac

Telegram has a desktop version you can install on Windows and Mac devices. Visit this page to install the app.

1: Launch the Telegram app and open the conversation you want.

2: Click on the call button to make a call.

3: In the Call dialogue box, select the Screencast option.

How to Share Screen on telegram (desktop)

4: Select the screen you want to share or any other option and click the Share Screen button below.

Share Screen on Group Chat

Apart from individual chats, you can also share the screen on the Telegram group chat.

1: For this, open the group chat you want and tap on the Group Chat name to view its information.

2: Tap the Video Chat option.

Share screen on Group chat

3: Once the members joined the call, tap the Camera icon and choose the Phone Screen to mirror the device.

Tips! Instead of using WhatsApp and Telegram separately, transfer your WhatsApp chats to Telegram and communicate with one app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to share Telegram channel link?

→Launch the Telegram app and open the channel you want.
→Tap on the Channel name.
→Under the Share link section, tap the URL.
→Tap the Copy Link option.
→Open the communication app you want and share the URL as a message.

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