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How to Sign Up for Intelius Free Trial at $0.95

Avail Intelius trial version for 7 days and try out the features before purchasing the premium plan.

Unfortunately, Intelius doesn’t offer a straightforward free trial to new subscribers. Instead, they offer a trial version for 7 days at the reduced cost of $0.95. After subscribing to the trial version, you can perform a background search on any individual and get details on criminal, financial, and educational history registered on the platform. The 7-day trial version doesn’t include any limit. You can generate unlimited reports without any restrictions.

How to Utilize Intelius Trial Version at $0.95

[1] Open a browser and visit

[2] The Special 7-day free trial at $0.95 will be selected automatically. Enter your First name, last name, and Email ID.

Intelius Free Trial

[3] Under the payment section, select the payment mode you want.

  • Debit Card/Credit Card
  • PayPal
Intelius Free Trial

[4] Enter the credentials of chosen account and agree to their terms & conditions.

Intelius Free Trial

[5] Tap the CHECKOUT option.

Intelius Free Trial

[6] Enter your billing address and complete the payment process.

Intelius Free Trial

[7] Once the payment process is completed, you can try the Intelius platform for the next 7 days for free.

After the 7-day free trial, you will be charged $29.78/month automatically from the account that you have configured.

How to Cancel Intelius Subscription

If you’re done using the Intelius platform, you should cancel the subscription plan before the free trial ends. Otherwise, you will be charged automatically to the subscription plan.

[1] Visit the Intelius website and log in to your account.

[2] After that, hover over to the top right corner and click My Account.

Click My Account

[3] Scroll down and choose Membership Settings.

Choose Membership Settings

[4] Under that, click Cancel Subscription and hit Yes to cancel your Intelius subscription.

Hit Cancel Subscription

Alternatively, you can also directly contact Intelius customer care at (888) 245-1655 from your mobile phone to request support care to cancel your subscription by providing the necessary details.

Intelius Alternatives With Cheap Free Trials

If you’re looking for a platform similar to Intelius, you can check out the below alternatives. Like Intelius, they also provide a trial version for a limited time period at a low price.

Spokeo$0.957 days
PeopleFinders$0.953 days
BeenVerified$17 days
PeopleLooker$17 days
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