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How to Type Square Root Symbol on Keyboard

Simple ways to insert Square root Symbol using keyboard keys on any device.

Generally, a square root (√) is a mathematical function. The square root of the number is another number which is multiplied by itself to obtain the square root number. The square root is denoted by the symbol, √ which always means a positive square root. If you are using this word on the computer, then there are several possible ways to insert or type Square root symbol on the keyboard to your word document and let us see how to do it.

Different Ways to Get Square Root Symbol

The common way to insert the symbol to a word document is Copy and Paste. You just search for a square root symbol and copy the symbol from the web and paste it into your word document. But there are a lot many ways to get the symbol without the internet network easily straight from the device you use.

Type Square Root Symbol on Microsoft Word using Keyboard

The following method is applicable on both Windows and Mac computers.

#1: Open the Microsoft Word Document.

#2: Navigate the insertion pointer where you want to insert the Square Root symbol.

#3: Click the Insert menu in the tool bar.

#4: Under Insert click Symbol option.

Click Insert

#5: Then click More Symbols and choose the Square Root symbol from the list of symbols.

Select Symbols

#6: Finally click Insert.

Choose Square Root Symbol and click Insert

Keyboard Shortcuts to Insert Square Root Symbol

Keyboard shortcuts are the best way to insert Square Root symbols without navigation,

#1: Open your Word document which you want to add Square Root Symbol.

#2: Then press the Alt + 251, the square root symbol is inserted.

Press Alt + 251

Important Note: You should use the Number Pad to type 251. Instead, if you use the alphanumeric keys, the shortcut function will not work.

Alternative Ways: You can also use another Key combination to insert the symbol. First type 221A and then press Alt + X, the 221A will be converted to a Square root symbol.

Insert Square root Symbol

How to Insert Square root Symbol in Laptop?

The numerical keypad is not found on the laptop keyboard, so you can follow the below instruction to insert the Square Root.

#1: Go to the Word document that you want to add Square Root.

#2: Press the number lock key or Press Fn + F11 to turn on the number lock that turns your keyboard to a numeric keyboard.

#3: Now Press Alt + KJI keys to insert the square root symbol in your Word document. The KJI is associated with number 251.

#4: After completing the process, again press Fn+F11 to turn off Number Lock.

How to Insert Square root Symbol in Mac?

To get the Square root Symbol in Microsoft word on Mac computer, it is very simple and straightforward.

#1: Open the Word document on your Mac. in which

#2: Click on your document where you want to add the square root symbol.

#3:Then press Option + V key to get the square root symbol.

Insert Square root Symbol in Mac

To Conclude

In this way you can insert the Square Root Symbol in a word document on Windows or Mac devices. Not only for Word, but you can also follow the same procedure to add the Square Root Symbol in Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and elsewhere.

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