Opera VPN Review 2021: Is it Worth Using?

If you are looking for a browser with secured VPN connectivity, then Opera browser with VPN will be the best choice.

Most of us use VPNs to protect our privacy and private data. There are a lot of talks on the security breach and user data got exposed. So, it is important to protect your personal data from online threats and fraudulent. For these purposes, VPNs are introduced. When we consider paid VPNs, NordVPN, ExpressVPN are some of the best choices. But in the free category, Opera VPN is one of the popular VPNs in the world. In this article, we analyzed the reliability of Opera VPN to find is worth.


ServersNot mentioned in the website
Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimited
US NetflixNo
Works in ChinaNo
Supported DevicesAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux
Help CentreFAQs only

Opera Web Browser

Opera VPN is not a standalone application. You need to download the Opera Web browser to use its VPN services. The browser is pre-installed with the VPN. The browser was released on 10th April 1995. In the year 2016, the VPN was integrated into the browser.

Though four years of VPN services, they don’t have a standalone VPN app. So, there is no way that you can use the VPN without the browser.


The jurisdiction is the first thing that you need to sure about. But in the Opera, jurisdiction is not mentioned clearly. If you use the Opera browser without the VPN, the jurisdiction falls under Norway. If you use the VPN, the jurisdiction comes under Canada. The VPN services are powered by SurfEasy.

The last thing you want in a VPN is the 14-eye country jurisdiction. Both Norway and Canada comes under the 14-eye. Hence, it is not recommended by any means.

Opera VPN Supported Devices

The Opera web browser is limited to only a small number of devices. You can install the web browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. In smartphones, it is available for Android and iOS.

Supported devices

In the Android smartphone, you have the choice to download the browser with or without the VPN. There are three apps available on the Play Store, Opera browser with free VPN, Opera Mini (web browser alone), and Opera Touch (newer version). For iOS, only Opera Touch is available. So, you can’t use the Opera VPN on iOS devices. All the apps are available for free.

Opera VPN Price

Opera web browser and VPN is available for free in all the supported platforms.

Opera VPN

Servers and Available Countries

The number of servers is not mentioned on the website nor in the browser. While connecting to the VPN, it will display only the countries. The countries availability is not even in the average amount. Only 5 countries are available.

Opera VPN

With 5 countries, you can’t spoof your geo-locations as much. There are many free VPN offers more servers and more number of countries. In the server locations too, Opera VPN is not a good one.

Streaming and Torrenting

Opera VPN can’t bypass the geo-restriction on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services. The Opera VPN is not the one for streaming purposes.

Generally, free VPNs are not stronger for torrenting. So, Opera VPN is not an exception. It won’t give you any extra layer of protection for torrenting.

If you want a VPN for streaming and torrenting, you need to look for other VPNs. Opera VPN is not a good option for you.

Opera VPN Encryption

The VPN has the basic encryption of all. It has the AES-256 HTTPS/SSL. This is a common type of encryption, most of the websites on the internet use this type of encryption. But one good this is that the VPN will protect your IP address.


All the browsing information is not protected and carries no encryption. If you are really concerned about your data, go for any other powerful VPNs. Opera VPN won’t protect your data.


Opera admits that it is storing logs of the user to provide ads and news. The web browser uses your browsing data to show targeted ads and recommendations. If you really worry about it, don’t go for this VPN.

Moreover, the jurisdiction falls under 14-eye countries. Those 14 countries will keep logs one way or the other. The one thing about Opera is that it honestly admins that they are keeping logs. Most of the VPNs in the 14-eye countries won’t accept the fact that they keep logs.

Opera VPN User Experience

UI and user experience is one of the best in terms of browsing. The VPN feature doesn’t have much of a UI. To activate the VPN, you need to turn on the toggle and choose a location. To deactivate the VPN, you just need to turn off the toggle. That’s all.

The VPN tab will provide you the weekly statistics of your data transaction and the total data transaction for a month. Other than this, there is not much information available.

Performance and Speed

In the Opera browser, you won’t feel slow data transactions. The reason is that the browser uses the basic encryption. Inmost of the VPNs, you will lose speed due to the encryption protocols and additional layer of protection.

In the VPN, there are no advanced encryption protocols and an additional layer of protection. The fastest speed observed in the VPN is 563 Mbps in the 1Gbps internet connection.

Help Centre

The help center is one of the least rated segments in the Opera. There is no live chat support and mail support. You have to read the FAQs alone. If you have any doubts, you can contact them on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Opera VPN

If you face any technical issues while using the browser or VPN, you can’t get instant help from the community. Other than FAQs and social platforms, you can refer blogs and submit your query in the forum.


In our honest opinion, we won’t recommend Opera VPN. But if you are using the Opera Web Browser as your default browser, you can use the VPN as it is free. If you need advanced features and high-level encryption, you have to look for alternatives like TunnelBear and Hotspot Shield. Comment your favorite VPN in the comments section.

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  1. Since I update my Opera to 69.0.3686..36 I had problem with Lufthansa.com I can’t search for flight. But if I use other browsers,ex. Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge I have no problem with Lufthansa.com I can easy search for flights. Opera used to be my favorite browser now I hate it because of VPN. Even if I download Opera old version I can open Lufthansa.com and search for flights, but as soon as I close Opera then open it, Opera will update to new version with VPN then I have problem with Lufthansa.com again.

    I know I can disable VPN, but Is there anyways to remove VPN completely from Opera?

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