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What are Twitter Threads and How to Create it?

Bundle multiple tweets into an single tweet with the Twitter Threads feature.

Twitter is a social media platform that allows you to share messages with 280 characters. With a tweet, you can share the text message along with an image, GIF, or Video. To tell long messages, you may need words more than 280 characters to communicate. Thread is like a series of tweets that will let you share a long message in a single tweet. It will help you to provide additional context, updates. It works by connecting multiple tweets together. Let us see more about how to create Twitter Threads and how to retweet it.

How to Create a Twitter Threads

It is like creating a normal tweet. The following steps will help you with creating a new Twitter Thread.

1. First, click on the Tweet button to create a new Tweet draft.

2. Type the text and then click on the + (add) icon and type another tweet.

3. Continue until you completed all your tweets.

4. Click on the Tweet All button on the bottom of the screen.

Twitter Threads

5. All the tweets will be posted once.

Once the tweets have been posted, you can add additional tweets from the Threads detail screen. Click on Add Another Tweet to post additional posts.

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How to View Twitter Threads Through Home and Profile Timelines

The threads you follow will appear on your timeline that is connected by a line as a bundle to distinguish from any normal tweet. The tweets will be compressed or truncated, and you can expand them with an option called Show this Thread.

Twitter Threads

The threads will appear as separate tweets in reverse chronological order.

Threads FYI

Direct Messages: If the user shares a tweet via a direct message, the receiver will also see the Show this Thread option to expand and read the full thread.

Notifications: If the user has been mentioned on the thread, they may receive a notification in the timeline or push notification, or via email even.

Retweets and Quote Tweet: Retweet and Quote Tweet work as same as that of the other tweets that include the Show this Thread button.

Advantages of Twitter Thread

  • It helps the brands and business to connect their marketing campaigns and content.
  • Threads will help you to increase the character count from 280.
  • It also help the users to provide the background information.
  • Above all, they will help you to follow up on the events.

So when you want to convey a long message on Twitter, Threads can come in handy. You can create as many threads as you want with your Twitter account. Follow Techowns’ Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates. And do let us know your queries in the comment section below.

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