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How to Get YouTube TV Free Trial [2022]

Make use of the 14-day free trial before purchasing the YouTube TV premium.

YouTube TV is one of the popular streaming services where you can watch your favorite channels in HD. They provide channels in various categories like sports, news, movies, entertainment, and more. The best part of YouTube TV is that you can record your favorite show using the DVR Storage feature, and the recorded video will be available for 9 months. Apart from subscription plans, there are no hidden charges billed by YouTube TV. If you want to try a premium streaming service, you can sign up for YouTube TV free trial, which is available for 14 days.

When you have subscribed to YouTube TV, you can get upto 6 accounts and 3 streams for your family members.

YouTube TV Subscription Plans

YouTube provides two kinds of subscriptions to its users.

  • Base Plan – $64.99/month
  • Spanish Plan – $34.99/month

Along with the regular subscription packages, you can also subscribe to the popular add-ons such as

  • 4K Plus – $19.99/month
  • Sports Plus – $10.99/month
  • Spanish Plus – $14.99/month

How to Get YouTube TV Free Trial for 14 Days

1. Go to the official site of YouTube TV.

2. Click on TRY IT FREE.

3. You need to choose your Google account for YouTube TV.

4. Now, enter the Zip Code and click on the arrow icon.

5. You can see the Base Plan added to your subscription. You can see the channels available under the Base Plan on the left side.

Channel Plans For Subscription

6. If you have promo codes, click on the + icon. Then, apply the promo code to avail discounts, if any.

7. Click on NEXT.

8. On the left side, you can find the Add-ons for YouTube TV. Choose the Add-ons by clicking on the box and then click on NEXT: CHECKOUT.

Adding add-ons for YouTube TV

9. Choose either Add credit or debit card or Add PayPal payment method.

How to get Youtube TV Free Trial

10. Enter your card details or add your PayPal account and click on START TRIAL.

Now, you can access YouTube TV on your device and watch your favorite content from the channels.

Another important thing is that you can cancel your free trial period before switching to a paid plan account.

How to Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial

If you feel that the Live channels provided by YouTube TV are less and not satisfactory, you can cancel your YouTube TV membership at any time and anywhere.

Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial on Computer

1. Open the Youtube TV website in your browser.

2. Click on your Profile icon in the top right corner.

3. Select the Settings option.

4. Under settings, click on Membership.

5. You can see the membership plans that you have subscribed to.

6. After selecting the subscriptions checkbox, click on Pause or Cancel membership.

Methods to Cancel Youtube TV subscription

7. If you like to cancel your subscription, click on Cancel Membership. If you want to pause your account temporarily, click on Pause.

Methods to Cancel Youtube TV subscription

8. Choose any one reason for your cancellation and click on Continue Cancelling

9. Finally, click on Cancel Membership again.

Cancel Youtube Free Trial on iPhone

1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Click on your Apple ID.

3. You can see the Subscriptions menu under the account. Tap on it.

Canceling subscription on iPhone

5. Under the Subscriptions, tap on the Youtube TV and click Cancel Subscription.

Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial on Android

You can cancel YouTube TV free trial directly on the YouTube TV Android app.

1. Launch the YouTube TV app on your smartphone.

2. Click on the Profile icon → SettingsMembership.

3. Scroll down a bit and click on the Cancel option.

4. Now, select any one reason for the cancellation and tap on Continue Cancelling.

5. Finally, click on Cancel Membership.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the length of the YouTube TV free trial?

YouTube TV offers a free trial for about 14-days. Also, you can cancel your free trial anytime to avoid switching to a paid plan.

2. Can I use the promo code for the YouTube TV free trial?

Yes. You can use the promo code for YouTube TV to get the streaming service at an affordable price.

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