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FreeInterTV 2022 – Watch Your Favorite Live TV Channels for Free

Get access to all your Live TV channels on any device.

Now watching television content over Internet protocol is becoming popular and more convenient for the users to get what they want quickly and easily. People who are aware of this facility have realized the capabilities of an IPTV. It is a web-based platform so that users can access it with compatible browsers on any device. With the help of that, everyone can watch all desired channels, including HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Vh1, E!, and much more. FreeInterTV is the most popular IPTV that offers unlimited access to more than 200+ channels.


This internet TV keeps adding new channels every week, including several regional channels from countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey. It offers news, entertainment, and music channels for free.

Benefits of FreeInterTV Online Streaming


If any streaming service is capable of providing over 1900+ channels, it is clear that the users can never run out of content. Most of the streaming content is live TV and also keeps frequently updating by adding the various regional languages of several countries to the list. It also provides some premium channels that are not available even on a paid subscription.

  • The site offers the top 100 channels from the overall list reducing the audience’s effort. It’s all available on the right side of the screen.
  • It has an exclusive tab for horoscopes, surprising people for the first time to see a streaming site with an option to check with luck.
  • The FreeInterTV offers decent streaming to the users by playing content in real-time without any buffering or pop-up ads.

How to Watch Live Stream FreeInterTV

On Smartphone [Android & iPhone]

1. Download and install a secured VPN application available in the PlayStore.

2. Open the VPN, choose the top server available in the list, and wait for the device to connect to that server.

3. Open the browser on the Android device and enter the URL for the FreeInterTV site.

4. Now, the user will be able to access the website to choose the desired channel from the available list.

5. Click on the “Play” option, and the live TV will start streaming.


1. Download and install both the Chrome browser and a secured VPN on the Desktop.

2. From the available list of servers, choose the top server for better connectivity.

3. Open the browser and type the URL for the FreeInterTV.

4. Now, the users will be able to access the website. Pick the desired channel from the available list.

5. Click on the “Play” option, and the live TV will start streaming.

FreeInterTV – Pros and Cons

Any application or website would have both positive and negative. It is up to the user’s acceptance and tolerance to pick and stream live TV on a web browser.


  • It offers the user a huge list of channels that are frequently updated.
  • Users have the option to watch TV channels available in their regional language.
  • The site is designed in a way that the search capacity would be of greater help to the users.
  • The users can enjoy streaming without any registration or subscription amount.
  • The major positive is that the site would pop up a few ads that would be annoying to the users.


  • The website design may not be comfortable for some users.
  • It offers only an average streaming experience to the user.
  • Some of the existing channels are not functional.

FreeInterTV – Alternatives Online TV Streaming Service

Here are some alternative online TV streaming services available for the users providing similar features.


USTVGO.TV home screen

USTVGO.TV is one of the most widely used TV streaming services that offer over 80+ television stations free of cost. All the IPTV internet sites and the APKs have to be considered better choices over the high-priced cable TV providers. Nowadays, people have shifted to IPTV as it offers the user streaming without buffering when connected to stable internet.


123LiveTV home Screen - FreeInterTV

The 123TVLive offers to stream to people across America or UK. Here, the users can get access to watch movies, infotainment, sports, kids, and news program. The users do not require registration or subscription. The navigation across the site is straightforward with a simple user interface. This site does not pop up annoying ads giving the user an experience of a premium site at zero cost.


SquidTV homescreen - FreeInterTV

The squidTV offers the user a pretty good service and content where the user will be able to navigate through tons of TV shows with the premium channels. So the users can get quality content without having to pay for a subscription. They have categories that include Shopping, sports and recreation, Religion, Entertainment, ethnicity, music, education, news, and much more.

Sling TV

Sling TV home screen

Sling TV is a legal Live TV Streaming platform that can be used to access TV streaming with high video quality entertainment programs. It offers various features to the users that include a pricing plan, a wide range of channels, and much more. Unfortunately, this is not a free service, but the users have an option to choose their subscription plans.


Does FreeInterTV offer Live TV streaming for free?

Yes, the users do not have to register or pay for the subscription and can enjoy the streaming free of cost.

How to enjoy the FreeInterTV stream securely?

As these sites are not legal to use, there are high chances that the user’s device might get affected. So the users can utilize the VPN and have a safe TV streaming experience.

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