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How to Enable/Turn On Google Calendar Dark Mode

Take care of your eyes while using Google Calendar by enabling the dark mode.

Google Calendar is an excellent time planner listed under productivity tools. Besides letting you view the calendar, it supports adding events and editing them. With Google Calendar, you will never miss any important events, tasks, birthdays, meetings, and more. The app will even update the events in real-time with the latest information. You can even use it to create reminders, schedule meetings, collaborate with your team, and do lots more. While there are lots of benefits to using Google Calendar, you can take even more advantage by enabling the dark mode. Protect your eyes while using Google Calendar in low light by turning on the dark theme.

Google Calendar Dark Mode in Android

If you have Google Calendar on Android Nougat and above versions, then you can make use of the dark theme.

Quick Guide: Go to Google Calendar Menu –> Choose Settings –> Select General –> Tap Theme –> Choose Dark.

(1) Launch the Google Calendar app from the Apps section on Android.

(2) Press the Menu icon available in the top-left corner.

Tap on Menu

(3) Scroll down to select the Settings option from the list of options.

Hit Settings

(4) Click on General on the next screen.

Click General - Google Calendar Dark Mode

(5) Choose the Theme option.

Select Theme - Google Calendar Dark Mode

(6) On the pop-up, select Dark.

Choose Dark - Google Calendar Dark Mode

(7) With this, the app will refresh and appears in the dark mode. You can check the best calendar apps on Android here.

Google Calendar Dark Mode on iOS

Google Calendar hasn’t released official dark theme support for the iOS platform. So, it is a good deal to turn on the dark mode on iPhone or iPad.

(1) On your iPhone or iPad, launch Settings.

(2) Select Display & Brightness option.

Select Display and brightness
Select Display and brightness

(3) Choose Dark under the Appearance section.

Select Dark mode on iPhone
Select Dark mode

Note: To turn off dark mode, choose Light.

(4) Open the Google Calendar app to access it in night mode.

Alternative 1: Use the command, “Hey Siri, turn on dark appearance/dark mode,” to turn on dark mode on iOS.

Alternative 2: Open Control Center > hold Brightness adjuster > choose Dark. The dark mode is available on the control center itself on the latest iOS devices.

Google Calendar Dark Mode on Desktop

Google Calendar is accessible from a desktop or laptop, but it doesn’t support dark themes by default. This, in turn, means you should turn on the night mode on your PC settings and then access the Google Calendar website.

(1) On Windows PC, press the Notification icon from the bottom right corner and select Night light.

Turn on Night light - Google Calendar Dark Mode

(2) In Windows 11, go to Settings and choose Personalization. Click the Color option and select Dark in the Choose your mode menu. As an alternative, you can decrease the brightness of your Windows PC.

(3) To enable Google Calendar dark mode on Mac, pull down the Apple menu > System Preferences > General > Dark under Appearance.

If you are using the Google Calendar web version, you can install the dark theme extensions to get the dark mode. Some of the popular dark theme extensions are Dark Mode for Chrome, Night Eye, and Night Shift Redux.

Dark Mode for Chrome

Dark Mode for Chrome

Dark Mode for Chrome is a feature dark theme extension available in the Chrome Web Store. The extension is used by more than 5 million users. You can toggle between dark and light themes with just a single tap. The extension is supported on all the websites. Using the Dark Mode for Chrome, you can use the Google Calendar on the night theme with ease.

Chrome Web Store Link: Dark Mode for Chrome.

Night Eye

Night Eye

The Dark Mode extension by Night Eye is one of the popular dark theme extensions. The extension is available in the Chrome Web Store, Mozilla Add-Ons Store, Edge Add-ons Store, and Safari browser. Using the extension, you can customize the settings like opacity and the color tone of the dark mode. You can even schedule the dark mode based on your preferences.

Chrome Web Store Link: Night Eye.

Night Shift Redux

Night Shift Redux

Night Shift Redux is one of the newest dark theme extensions in the Chrome Web Store, yet it is so popular. Having more than 2 million users, it is one of the simplest dark theme extensions for the Chrome browser. By using the Night Shift Redux, you can enable the dark theme on almost every website. The extension is most suited for reading purposes.

Chrome Web Store Link: Night Shift Redux.

Dealing with the dark mode is such a simple thing to do. Turn it on and save your eyes from the blue light. Do you know any other possible ways to access Google Calendar dark mode? Share it with us.


1. Is there a Google Calendar dark mode?

Yes, for Android 10 and above, you will get the dark mode in the app.

2. How do I turn on dark mode in Google Calendar?

Go to Settings and choose the Theme option. Select the Dark option to get the dark mode.

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