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How to Set Dark Mode on Google Drive

Enable dark mode on Google Drive and reduce battery consumption.

Key Highlights

  • Android: Hamburger menu → Settings → Choose theme → Dark.
  • iPhone: Settings → Display & Brightness → Dark.
  • Desktop: You can use the Chrome Flags or Extensions to enable the dark mode.

Google Drive is one of the popular cloud storage platforms preferred by most users for their personal use. With Google Drive, you can upload the files (Like photos, docs, and videos) and easily access them anywhere using the Google account. Like Google Docs, it allows you to collaborate with other people. Like Google Docs and other Google apps, you can easily enable the dark mode on Google Drive to get a better experience. In addition, the dark theme helps you to use Google Drive at night, which reduces your eye strain.

How to Turn On Dark Mode on Google Drive App [Android]

Google Drive Dark theme is available for Android users. You can easily turn on dark mode with the built-in app settings.

(1) Launch the Google Drive app on your device.

(2) Tap the Hamburger menu (three vertical bars) at the top left.

Open Google Drive

(3) Scroll down and tap Settings from the list.

Select Settings

(4) Now, tap Choose Theme under the Themes section. It will display three options: Light, Dark, and System Default.

Choose theme

(5) Tap Dark from the prompt to turn your app to dark mode.

Dark Mode on Google Drive

The app will turn into a dark theme.

Dark Mode on Google Drive

Note: You can also choose System Default to turn on dark mode whenever you turn on dark mode on Android.

Dark Mode on Google Drive

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Drive App [iPhone]

If you are an iPhone user, you won’t get the dark theme in the built-in settings. However, you can use the system settings to enable dark mode.

[1] Unlock your iPhone, and go to Settings.

[2] Under Settings, tap Display & Brightness.

[3] Tap Dark theme under Appearance.

The dark theme will be applied to Google Drive.

How to Get Google Drive Dark Mode on a PC

You can also enable the dark theme on the Chrome browser using the Flags. This method applies to all Windows platforms like 11, 10, 8, and so on. To do so,

(1) Open the Chrome browser and type chrome://flags in the address bar.

(2) In the Search Flags box, type force dark mode or dark mode.

Chrome Flags

(3) Click the Dark Mode for Web Contents and choose the Enabled option.

Dark Mode on Google Drive

(4) Then, tap the Relaunch button.

(5) After the restart, go to Google Drive webpage on your PC. It will appear in dark mode.

How to Apply Dark Mode Using Chrome Extensions [Desktop]

You can enable a dark theme on Google Drive by using browser extensions. There are plenty of dark theme extensions available for Chrome browser and Firefox. You can install any one dark extension below recommended by our experts.

Dark ReaderFreeChrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.
Lunar ReaderFreeChrome.
Midnight LizardFreeChrome, Firefox, and Edge.
Night Eye Dark ModeFree
 Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, Yandex, UC Browser, Vivaldi, and Brave.

Once the dark mode is enabled on the browser, you can open the Drive and use it in a dark theme. You can use this method on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs and laptops.

Tip! You can also enable the dark mode on the Firefox browser and use the Drive platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a dark mode for Google Drive?

Yes, for the Android smartphone app, the dark theme is officially available. For PCs, you have to install the dark theme extension.

2. Is dark mode better on the eyes?

Using dark mode on smartphones and PCs will reduce eye strain. But, the dark theme in a bright room will affect your eyes. The dark mode is recommended only in low-light situations.

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