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How to Watch Hotstar on Samsung Smart TV

Watch your favorite movies and sports content on your TV by installing the Hotstar app.

Key Highlights

  • Install Hotstar: Turn on the TV → press the SmartHub button on the remote → search for Hotstar → select the app → tap the Install button.
  • Activate Hotstar: Launch the app → visit the activation link → log into your account → enter the code → activate the app.

Hotstar is a perfect application for watching all Indian-based content. Apart from that, you can also watch movies, tv shows, and originals from Disney networks like Marvel, Star Wars, Nat Geo, and a few more. If you had a Samsung Smart TV released after 2016, you could natively install the Hotstar app. On older models of Samsung Smart TVs, you can connect and use external streaming devices with Hotstar support.

How to Install and Activate Hotstar on Samsung Smart TV

Before installing the Hotstar app, update the Samsung Smart TV firmware to the latest version.

1: Turn on your Samsung TV and connect it to a standard WiFi connection.

Hotstar application requires a standard internet connection to stream the movies in HD quality.

Select AApps on Samsung TV home screen

2: Press the SmatHub button on your Samsung TV remote and select the Apps tile on the Home screen.

3: Select the Search icon and search for the Hotstar app.

4: Select the app and tap the Install button.

5: Within a few seconds, the app will finish its installation process on your TV.

Upon installing the app, you need to link it with your Hotstar account to stream the content.

6: Launch the app and select My account in the menu. Or select and play premium content.

7: An activation link and the code will appear on the screen. Visit the activation link ( by using a browser on your smartphone or PC.

Steps to activate Hotstar on Samsung TV

8: Log in to your Hotstar account and then enter the activation code displayed on the TV.

Hotstar on Samsung Smart TV

9: Tap on Continue to complete the activation process.

After activating the app with your account, you can stream the Hotstar content on your Samsung TV.

How to Watch Hotstar on Samsung Smart TV [Older Models]

Alternative methods

If you can’t find the Hotstar app on the Samsung Hub of Samsung TV, you need to use an external device that supports installing the Hotstar app. For this method, your TV must have a built-in HDMI port.

DevicePricePurchase Link
Apple TV$129
Amazon Firestick$21.99
Chromecast with Google TV$38.38

Connect the device to your TV and install the app from the respective app store. After installation, go through the activation process and stream your desired content.

How to Watch Hotstar on Samsung Smart TV in the United States

Earlier, Hotstar was available as a standalone application for US residents. However, the application was discontinued in September 2021, and all the content migrated to Hulu and ESPN Plus. The on-demand content is available on Hulu, and sports content is on ESPN Plus.

Hotstar on Samsung Smart TV

So sign up for The Disney Plus Bundle and stream the required content on your Samsung TV by installing the respective app. Both ESPN and Hulu apps are officially available on the Smart Hub.

How to Fix Hotstar Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

#1. First of all, ensure that there is no issue with the internet connection. If the internet connection is too slow, you may find errors while streaming.

#2. Ensure that your subscription is active.

#3. Log out of your account on the Hotstar app and sign in again.

#4. Check whether the Hotstar application has received any updates.

#5. Uninstall the Hostar app from your TV. Restart your TV and install the Hostar app to check whether the issue is fixed.

#6. Reset your Samsung TV and start using it from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hotstar available on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes. The app is available on the models released in 2016 & later. If you can’t find the app, then your TV is not compatible enough to run the app.

Is the Hotstar app available on Xbox?

No. The Hotstar app is not available on Xbox gaming consoles.

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