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How to Hide Your Instagram Followers in 4 Ways

Hide the followers on your Instagram account from random users.

Instagram is the most widely social media platform by users, next to Facebook. Compared to other platforms, Instagram has introduced more features when it comes to privacy and security. However, there is still a concern for users where random users on Instagram can see their followers. Though Instagram hasn’t introduced a feature to hide followers, there are certain possibilities where users can put their account’s follower list out of sight from others.

How to Hide Instagram Followers by Making Account Private

Like Facebook, you can make your Instagram account private by changing the privacy settings to avoid random users seeing the followers list.

[1]. Launch the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone and sign in to your account (If needed).

[2]. Tap the Profile picture at the bottom right (Shows your Instagram Display Picture).

Tap on your Profile picture

[3]. On the top right corner, tap Menu (Hamburger icon).

click on the Hamburger icon.

[4]. Choose Settings from the menu list.

Select the Settings option

[5]. Tap Privacy under the Settings page.

Tap on the Privacy option

[6]. Toggle on the switch next to the Private account.

Toggle on the switch next to the Private account

[7]. Tap Switch to Private at the bottom to confirm making your account Private.

Now, only your followers can see the list of followers on your Instagram account.

How to Hide Instagram Followers by Removing the User

If your friend or family always keeps an eye on your Instagram account followers, you can hide from them permanently by removing your follower list (If they are one of your followers).

[1]. Open the Instagram app and navigate to your Profile page.

[2]. Tap the list of followers and search for the user with whom you would like to unfollow.

Tap on the list of followers

[3]. Once you have found the user, tap Remove.

tap the Remove button.

[4]. Again hit the Remove button on the pop-up dialog box to confirm.

Again hit the Remove button to Hide Instagram Followers

How to Hide Instagram Followers by Blocking the User

Alternatively, you can block them permanently if you don’t like to remove your friend from the follower list.

[1]. Launch the Instagram app and open the desired user profile page you wish to block from your account.

[2]. Tap Menu (three-dot icon) at the top right.

Tap on the three dots icon

[3]. From the list of menus, tap Block.

tap on the Block option.

[4]. Choose the desired option from the pop-up and tap Block to confirm.

Block the person on Instagram to hide followers.

Once you block the user, they can’t find your account and view your followers.

Note: You can unblock the person on Instagram anytime if you no longer hold them in the blocked lists.

How to Hide Instagram Followers by Restricting the Accounts

If you don’t like to remove the person from your follower list or block them permanently, you can restrict them to avoid interactions.

[1]. Navigate to Settings on your Instagram account.

[2]. Select Privacy from the menu list.

[3]. Under Connections, tap Restricted Accounts.

click on the Restricted Accounts option.

[4]. Tap Continue on the next page.

restrict accounts on Instagram to hide followers.

[5]. Search the profile that you want to hide data from.

Search the profile that you want to hide data from Instagram

Alternatively, you can restrict the account through direct messaging, comments, or their profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hide likes on Instagram posts?

Yes. You can hide likes on Instagram posts easily on your smartphone app.

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