Is It Worth Using Employee Monitoring Software in 2022

It is no secret that many projects involve the use of the services of remote employees. Moreover, some companies are so large that managers are technically unable to control the work of many employees. So this is why employee monitoring software is so popular. But is it worth using such apps in 2022, or do companies need to find alternatives?

The Pros Of Employee Monitoring

It Keeps Things Fair

Imagine that you have a large team of remote employees, and you need to control their productivity somehow. Most companies use special software to analyze the activities of their staff because they are not ready to overpay. However, hourly wages are expensive, so employers should use dedicated apps to monitor staff engagement. Such a move is justified to maintain productivity and prevent overpayments for periods of inactivity of each employee.

In addition, each person will potentially be interested in working harder to make money. Even a student will be a more effective employee if they delegate some responsibilities to someone else. For example, the link will let you know which writing service you can trust. Now remote work for half a day will not be a problem for students.

It Highlights Trustworthy Employees

Any employer wants to know that employees can be trusted. Specialized software helps maintain discipline and identify the most reliable people in the team. As a rule, real professionals are indifferent to work format, so even monitoring apps will not be a problem. At the same time, you will be able to understand who is interested in your project. There are quite a few people who spend a lot of time on Facebook or Twitter instead of doing their job. That is why additional control will not be an extra option for your company.

Employee Monitoring Software

It Can Protect Your Company Against Conflicts

The task of any project manager is to achieve results with minimal losses. Imagine you had to hire a couple of freelancers to complete some tasks. Most people have an hourly rate, and employee monitoring software is needed to measure their productivity. Imagine that you have to pay $1000 for a job that doesn’t even cost $100. Would you like to prevent such problems in advance? Probably yes. So this is why extra precautions are imperative when hiring freelancers.

It Can Protect Your Company From Malware Attacks

Most problems with viruses, app glitches, and malware attacks are due to human factors. People tend to use social media. Click on links or additional windows to find any data or interesting sites. If you warn employees about the monitoring apps, it will be easier to find the root cause of problems or prevent inappropriate use of computers in your office. As a rule, most people will work diligently and not open unknown links out of fear of fines or other consequences.

Disadvantages of Employee Monitoring

Privacy Concerns

First of all, people strive for privacy. Your innovations will be perceived as an attempt to invade their personal space. Plus, many people use social media and third-party websites to find important information. Total control will oppress them. Moreover, many people are convinced that companies are trying to find out all of their data in this way. That is why you will have to carry out a lot of clarifications before introducing total control of employees.

Employee Monitoring Software

Potential Trust Breakdowns

Another potential problem is that responsible people may feel that the company does not trust them. Why use additional apps if your team is working at its peak? It is rash and rapid changes in working conditions that can lead to negative consequences for the company. Any manager should assess all risks in advance before embarking on digital innovation.

So How Do You Find a Compromise?

There is nothing wrong with using dedicated productivity analysis software for your employees. After all, you don’t want to pay more than you should, do you? Hourly wages are fair, but you need to ensure your employees are working and not watching YouTube. At the same time, you should abandon total control and discuss in advance which sites help employees do their work more efficiently.

Also, you shouldn’t analyze your performance based on the average number of clicks or open windows. Your employees are not robots, and their work model often differs from your ideas. Therefore, use the software only for basic control and salary determination. In this case, you can minimize problems associated with social aspects and reduce the risks of moral discomfort among your subordinates.


Any software should be pre-tested for a focus group before stressing the entire company. The chances are high that you will only worsen productivity, as employees will be afraid to take the wrong step. Only the gradual and informed implementation of additional software will help you maintain the balance of productivity. At the same time, you should use special apps if you are delegating tasks to freelancers, as you are unlikely to want to overpay.

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