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How to Install and Watch Netflix on Android TV

Watch Squid Game, Money Heist 5 and much more latest series on your TV by installing the Netflix app.

Key Highlights

  • Android TV: Go to AppsGoogle Play StoreSearch NetflixInstallLaunch.
  • Cast: Launch the app (smartphone)Play the content Tap CastSelect your Android TVStream.

Netflix is one of the most used streaming applications among users worldwide. If you want to watch the content on Netflix on your Android TV, you can install the app directly from the Google Play Store. Moreover, if your Android TV is not compatible to install, you can sideload the app using the downloader.

Netflix Subscription Plans

Netflix offers four subscription plans to users.

  • Basic (With ads) – $6.99/mon
  • Basic (Ad-free) – $9.99/mon
  • Standard – $15.49/mon
  • Premium – $19.99/mon

Note: New users can’t get the free trial on Netflix. Therefore, you must subscribe to a premium plan to stream the content on Netflix.

How to Stream Netflix on Android TV

[1] Turn on your Android TV and connect to the standard internet connection.

[2] Press the Home or Menu button on your TV remote and navigate to the Apps section.

Android TV apps section

[3] Select Google Play Store.

[4] Further, select the Search icon and search for the Netflix app.

Search for Netflix

[5] Select the Netflix app from the suggestion list.

[6] Next, select Install to download the Netflix app on your TV.

Install Netflix App on Android TV

[7] Once installed, click the Open menu to launch the app.

[8] Tap the Sign-in option and enter your Netflix account login details.

[9] Start streaming your favorite Netflix content on your TV screen.

How to Cast Netflix on Android TV

If the Netflix app is not compatible or not working fine on your Android TV, you can cast the Netflix content on your smart TV from the smartphone.

[1] Connect your smartphone (Android or iPhone) and Android TV to the same WiFi network.

[2] Launch the Netflix app on your smartphone and start streaming the content.

[3] Next, click the Cast icon on the top right and select your Android TV.

[4] When your Android TV gets connected, the content will start streaming.

How to Sideload Netflix on Android TV

There are some Android TVs where you can’t get the Netflix application. In this scenario, you must sideload the app on your Android TV to stream the content.

[1] Install and launch the Downloader app on your Android TV.

Install Downloader to Sideload Netflix

Note: Once you have installed the Downloader app, you must enable Unknown Sources to install third-party apps using the Downloader. Go to SettingsDevice PreferencesSecurity & Restrictions → Enable Unknown Sources.

[2] Launch the Downloader, move to the Search bar, and type Netflix Android TV Apk URL.

Enter Netflix Android TV Apk URL

[3] Select Go, and the Netflix Apk file will start to download.

[4] Once downloaded, select Install.

[5] After installation, select Open to launch the app.

[6] Log in with your Netflix account details and stream your favorite content on your TV.

How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Android TV

If the Netflix app is not working on your Android TV, you can follow the troubleshooting steps to fix it.

[1] Check whether your Android TV is connected to the internet and is stable.

[2] Restart the Netflix app.

[3] Restart your Android TV.

[4] Clear the Netflix app cache

[5] Update the Netflix app.

[6] Check the subscription status of Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many devices can you stream Netflix on at once?

Streaming Netflix on various devices simultaneously depends on the subscription plans.
[i] Premium – 4 devices
[ii] Standard – 2 devices
[iii] Basic (Ad-free & With Ads) – 1 device

2. Is Netflix available on Fire Tablet?

Yes. Netflix is available on Fire Tablet. You can install the application from the Amazon App Store. You can stream the content on Netflix using the Silk Browser.

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