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How to Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound on Snapchat

Not able to turn off camera sound on Snapchat? We got the loophole to turn it off on Android & iPhpne!

Snapchat is an unique social media which you can use to capture or send your moments in the form of Snap. Upon launching the app, you will land directly on the camera screen. You just have to tap the camera button 🔘 to tap a snap or long press on it to record a video. To ehnance the quality of Snaps, Snapchat lets you add filters, lens and effects. While capturing a Snap, you will hear a shutter sound. Even though it is not an big problem, you may not prefer that sound all the time. Hence, you can turn off that camera sound on Snapchat to snaps without disturbing others.

Recently, Snapchat has introduced preimum subcripton (Snapchat Plus) to bring features like badge, icons, ability to pin friends, and more. It also lets you access the Snapchat web version.

Is it Possible to Turn Off the Camera Shutter Sound on Snapchat?

No. By default, Snapchat app doesn’t have built-in settings to turn off the camera shutter sound. However, it doesn’t means you can’t turn off the camera shutter sound while capturing the snaps.

How to Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound on Snapchat [Android & iPhone]

Snapchat is a camera app and designed in a way that it uses your device’s camera to snap photos and videos. So, you are required to make changes in your device settings and not on the Snapchat settings.

Universal Method

The best and easiest to turn off the camera shutter sound on Snapchat is by putting your smartphone in the silent mode. It will reflect on the Snapchat app automatically. Hence, you will not hear the camera shutter sound while taking the Snaps.

Put Smartphone on Silent Mode

Decrease the Volume

Another easiest solution to take snaps without a shutter sound is by turning down the device volume.

#1. Before taking a Snap, look for the volume down button on smartphone.

#2. Press the button untill the device volume turns to zero.

Press Volume Down button

#3. Now, take a Snap and you will not hear any shutter sound.

iOS users can reduce the volume from the Control Center. Open the Control center and turn off the volume by sliding down the volume bar.

Turn off Volume on Control Center

Turn On Do Not Disturb Mode

Turning on the DnD or Do Not Disturb Mode will make your phone enter into a silent mode. Turning on DnD will turn off the camera sound on Snapchat. You can use the DnD mode to turn off the camera sound in Snapchat without muting other notification sounds.

How to Turn Off Camera Sound on Snapchat

On Android devices, you can find option to turn on DND on the notifciation pane. Whereas, DND is one of the mode in Share focus status for iPhone and it can be enabled from the control center.

How to Turn Off Camera Sound on Snapchat

Turn off Camera Shutter Sound in Device Settings [Android Only]

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, the Camera app will let you turn off the shutter sound.

#1: Open the Camera app.

#2: Click on Settings (gear icon)

#3: Turn off the Shutter Sound option under the GENERAL SETTINGS.

How to Turn Off Camera Sound on Snapchat

#4: Now, launch the Snapchat app and take Snaps without any shutter sound.

Unfortunately, iPhone users can’t make any changes to their camera settings.

Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound on Snapchat [iPhone Only]

This method involves installing an third-party camera apps on iPhone. By using that app, you can take pictures on iPhone without shutter sound and then upload to Snapchat like a normal Snap.

#1. Open App Store and install the OneCamera app.

#2. Launch the app and allow the permission.

#3. Now, take the picture you want. By default, the app will capture without any shutter sound.

How to Turn Off Camera Sound on Snapchat

#4. After taking the picture, tap the Library icon at the bottom left corner.

#5. Select the picture you want.

#6. Click on the Share icon.

How to Turn Off Camera Sound on Snapchat

#7. Select Save to camera roll and allow required access.

#8. Now, launch the Snapchat app and swipe up the screen from the bottom.

#9. Choose the Camera roll option.

How to Turn Off Camera Sound on Snapchat

#10. Select your image and customise it by adding lens and filters.

#11. Send the Snap to your friends.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned methods to get rid of the camera sound no Snapchat app. It will help you capture photos on Snapchat without catching others’ attention. Remember to capture something wisely!

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