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What does SB Mean on Snapchat?

Text SB to your friend on Snapchat to send the Snap Back.

Key Highlights

  • Android/iPhone: Snapchat app → Choose an image → Send to your friendType SBSend.

Snapchat is a widely used social media app among teen users. It lets users exchange pictures and videos called Snaps. Like other social media apps, you can communicate with your friends with text messages, stickers, photos, videos, and even send GIFs on Snapchat. Most of the stickers have acronyms. Nowadays, people prefer to send acronyms via stickers or texts instead of typing the texts for a long time. However, users sometimes don’t understand the right meaning of some acronyms like SB, SS, FT, and more. To clarify, we have explained what SB means and its purpose on Snapchat.

What does SB Mean on Snapchat?

SB is abbreviated as Snap Back on Snapchat. It signifies the other user requests you to respond to the snap they recently sent you. SB or Snap Back is the most common acronym used in Snapchat. With this short word, you can find out who wants to exchange snaps with you. If a Snapchat user sends you an SB, it implies they want you to send them a snap in return.

How to Use Snap Back on Snapchat

[1]. Launch Snapchat on your smartphone [Android or iPhone], and open the chat you send the snap.

[2]. Choose the picture or video from your gallery, or take a new snap by pressing the Camera icon.

[3]. Tap Send to share with your friend.

[4]. Type SB and hit Send to remind them to reply to your snap.

Type SB and send

Tips! Like Instagram, you can do Boomerang on Snapchat by using the Bounce feature on your smartphone.

Snapchat Acronyms

SFSSnap For Snap or Shoutout For Shoutout
GMSGood Morning Streaks
GNSGood Night Streaks
PUPop Up
SUSwipe UP
SNRStreaks N Recents
FFFFollow For Friend
AMOSAdd Me On Snapchat
PMOYSPut Me On Your Snapchat
SCMSnapchat Me
NRSNo Replies
SRSlow Replies
ESBEveryone Snap Back
SMO Serious Mode On
SMHShaking My Head
TMText Message/Too Much/Trust Me
LMKLet Me Know
GTGGot To Go
BRBBe Right Back
PCMPlease Call Me

Other Meanings for SB

  • Soft Block in Facebook
  • Somebody in the conversation
  • Senate Bill of Government
  • Stolen Base in BaseBall
  • Stibium (Antimony on Periodic Table)
  • South Britain

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do SB and F mean on Snapchat?

SBF acronym is abbreviated as Snapchat Best friend or Single Black Female.

2. What is SSB on Snapchat?

SSB stands for Send Snap Back. It means that another user is requesting you to send the snap in return.

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