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How to Install & Activate Cartoon Network on Roku

It's time to catch up on your favorite shows and full episodes of Cartoon Network on Roku.

You can install the Cartoon Network application on your Roku device if you’re fond of watching popular cartoons. Install and activate the app with the active TV provider subscription to watch all the available content. If you haven’t subscribed to a cable TV provider, you can install the streaming service apps to stream the channel. However, you must have subscribed to their monthly plans to access your favorite Cartoon shows.

How to Add Cartoon Network on Roku

Here are the simple-to-follow guidelines that let you get Cartoon Network on Roku.

1. Power on and connect Roku to the WiFi.

2. Select Streaming Channels on the Home screen.

Select Streaming Channels
Select Streaming Channels

3. Choose Search Channels on the following window.

4. Use screen keys to type Cartoon Network and select it on the suggestion.

5. Select Add Channel on the info screen to download Cartoon Network.

6. After the download, launch it by selecting Go to Channel.

How to Activate Cartoon Network on Roku

After downloading Cartoon Network on Roku, you must activate the device to stream its contents.

1. Launch Cartoon Network from the apps section.

2. Select Login to provide your sign in credentials.

3. Make a note of the activation code shown on Roku TV.

4. Open a browser on your desktop and visit

5. Select the device from the drop-down and choose Roku.

Cartoon Network activation

6. Upon entering the right code, click Continue.

Entering the activation code

7. Login to your cable TV provider, if needed.

Finally, the screen will be refreshed on your screen, and the Cartoon Network will be activated.

Cartoon Network on Roku

How to Stream Cartoon Network on Roku Without Cable

If you have subscribed to any of the streaming services, then you can instantly access the Cartoon Network channel on your Roku.

DirecTV Stream5 DaysDirecTV Stream on Roku
Sling TVSling TV on Roku
fuboTV7 DaysfuboTV on Roku
Hulu + Live TVHulu on Roku
YouTube TV14 DaysYouTube TV on Roku

How Much is Cartoon Network on Roku

Cartoon Network is free to add to your Roku device, and the platform doesn’t offer subscription plans to users. However, you must need an active cable TV provider or streaming service subscription to activate and stream the content.

How to Fix Cartoon Network Not Working on Roku

There are a few circumstances where you will encounter certain issues while watching the Cartoon Network on a streaming device.

Issue 1 – Cartoon Network not activating

If you can’t activate the channel, follow the troubleshooting methods below.

Solution 1: Check whether you have entered the correct code in the text field. If the code isn’t activated still, then it might have expired. Therefore, try for a new code.

Solution 2: If you didn’t get the activation code on the TV screen, restart the app to get a new one. If the code doesn’t appear still, uninstall and reinstall the app again on the device.

Issue 2 – Content buffering

Content buffering happens mainly due to the internet connection.

Solution 1: Check whether you have connected to the proper WiFi network or inspect the connection issue if you have connected via Ethernet.

Solution 2: If the internet speed is sluggish, the content starts to buffer while streaming. During these times, you must check whether the internet speed is up to the mark for streaming.

Issue 3 – Cartoon Network app freezes

Because of minor bugs, the apps will get frozen while using them.

Solution 1: If the app freezes suddenly in the middle, close and opens it again on your device to fix it.

Solution 2: Try restarting your Roku device if the app stucks in the middle of streaming.

Issue 4 – App crashes

Most times, when the app is incompatible with the device, it gets crashes.

Solution 1: Though Roku updates apps regularly, it is better to update the app manually if you face these issues.

Solution 2: If the app still crashes even after updating, update your Roku device to the latest version to fix the issue.

If the above troubleshooting methods still don’t resolve your issue, try resetting your Roku device to the factory settings and installing the app from scratch.

That was all about Cartoon Network. You can buy the dedicated channel from the channel Store or access to Cartoon Network with any of the channels we listed above. This way, you will be able to save some device space.


1. Which is the best alternative app for Cartoon Network on Roku?

Instead of Cartoon Network, you can try the Boomerang app on Roku.

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