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How to Turn on YouTube Dark Mode on Android, iOS and Web

If you are regular Youtube user, then turn on dark mode to avoid bright light.

Dark Mode is now one of the best features which are getting added to your smartphones apps and for websites on desktop. Most of the devices are now built-in with the dark mode feature. By using the Dark theme on your device, you can protect your eyes from bright light. If you are a regular phone or computer user, then the dark mode will get protect you from eye strains. Youtube is one of the most used streaming apps across the world. YouTube has updated its software to add the dark mode feature. You can enable Youtube dark mode on Android, iPhone/iPad and on websites as well.

How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode?

As mentioned earlier, YouTube has a dark theme feature built-in. Hence it is easy to enable it on your devices. You can enable dark mode on the below device:

  1. Android app
  2. iPhone/iPad app
  3. Web Version on Windows, Mac and on Smartphones as well

How to Turn on YouTube Dark Mode on Android?

YouTube app comes in-built on your Android smartphones and tablets. To enjoy the dark mode feature on Youtube, update the app to the latest version.

(1) Open YouTube app on your Android Smartphone or Tablet.

(2) Click on the “Profile” button on the top right corner of your app.

(3) Under Profile, click on the “Settings” button

Profile - Settings

(4) You will find various options under the Settings menu. Click on the “General” button.

General settings

If your device runs on Android OS below 9, then you will find the “Dark Mode” toggle button in this General page. Click on the “Toggle button” to turn it on.

(5) If you runs on Android 9 or above, then click on the “Appearance” button under General settings.

YouTube Dark Mode

(6) It will show three options: 1. Use Device Theme, 2. Light Theme and 3. Dark Theme. Click on the Dark Theme to turn on dark mode on your Youtube app.

YouTube Dark Mode

You can also choose “Use Device Theme”. If you choose “Use Device Theme”, then your app will turn on dark mode whenever you enable Dark Mode on your Android phone.

YouTube Dark Mode

How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

Like Android, YouTube comes pre-installed on the iPhone. Most of the process to turn on dark mode is similar to Android as well.

(1) Open Youtube app on your iPhone/iPad.

(2) Tap on the Profile icon in the top right corner.

(3) Click on the “Settings” button.

Profile - Settings

(4) You will find the dark mode option here. Click on the Toggle button to turn it on.

Toggle button

Your Youtube app will now work with dark theme.

YouTube Dark Mode

Learn more on How to enable dark mode on iPhone here.

How to Turn on Dark Mode on YouTube Website on Computers/Laptops/PCs?

(1) Open a browser on your PC and go to www.youtube.com.

(2) Login with your Google account if you have not logged in.

(3) Tap on the profile icon on the top right corner of your app.


(4) Click on the “Dark theme” option.

Dark Theme

(5) Click on the toggle button to turn on Dark mode on the Youtube website.

YouTube Dark Mode

Now you can watch videos in the dark mode.

Our Opinion

By following the above methods, you can turn on dark theme on the Youtube app. By using the dark theme, you can protect from eye strain. As the dark mode is a new feature, try using it instead of using Youtube in the old fashioned way. You can use the above methods on all devices.

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