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Sportlemon – Watch Live Sports for Free in 2022

Enjoy live streaming sporting events on your device with Sportlemon.

Sportlemon is an online streaming website that offers live streaming of all sports events, fixtures, match updates, etc. The fans from several sports utilize this platform to watch the match live. It keeps updating the website and the sports information that happens worldwide. Sportlemon is now more like a calendar for users to check on the details for the upcoming matches. The user can stream any sport at zero cost.

Watching live sports has become a lot easier and better for the users to do at their convenience. The users can check on the sports category and start the stream using the available links. Most commonly, this website is for football fans to watch their favorite team’s match. It gives the user an option to stream in HD quality.


Category Available on Sportlemon Website

The user who follows various sports access this website to get regular updates on the matches. Here is the list of sports categories available on this platform.

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • US Football
  • Boxing
  • Moto

How is Sportlemon Streaming Unique

It is a pioneer streaming platform offering options of live streaming links to the users. Sportlemon has been functioning for one decade, and the website is always free for users without any registration. The website is straightforward and has ten sports categories on top of the page. Sportlemon’s website is user-friendly and easy for the users to navigate across the tabs throughout the website. It covers almost every event in each of those respective sports. The sports enthusiast can also utilize the website on a mobile browser, but streaming lives are compatible with the desktop.

Pros & Cons of Sportlemon

Although the website has been functioning for a decade, it does not mean it works fine all the time. The users might experience drawbacks on the site compared to its competitor’s sites.


  • Gives the user an ad-free experience during the live stream.
  • The user can adjust the video quality depending on the stability of the internet.
  • It has an option for offline viewing.
  • The users can access the basic features without registration.
  • Straight forward layout & user-friendly features.


  • The user has to register to get access to more features.
  • As the site is accessible across the globe, the connection is not fully secured.
  • Website updates are slower compared to competitive sites.
  • The look and feel of the website need to be improved.

Alternative Sports Streaming Sites for Sportlemon

There are several sports streaming websites available in recent times for sports enthusiasts. Here are some alternative streaming sites with similar or better features than Sportlemon.


It is one of the best sports streaming sites with an instant update on matches or any changes related to sports. Rojadirecta always provides multiple streaming links to the users and covers audiences from different languages. Therefore, it helps the followers who prefer watching the live stream in their preferred language. It is a website offered to users free of cost and has a user base worldwide.



The strikeOut is one of the best sports streaming websites that gives a better user experience across several platforms like mobile, tablet, PC, Note, and several other compatible devices. But this website would require the user to download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Nevertheless, it is a popular website that keeps updating the trend and provides the best features to the user.


The is the most impressive streaming website, and it requires the user to do the registration to access the features. It has a large variety of sports categories such as Football, Hockey, WWE, Soccer, Boxing, and many more. In addition, the site provides a chat option to converse with a fellow streamer from any part of the world and can share pictures, links, and many more. The vital features of this website include multiple languages, multiple time zone, etc.


It is a website that offers immediate and free access to several links to watch the streaming. The user can access various live streaming and other popular channels such as ESPN, ESPN America, Eurosport, BBC, etc. The website would be compatible across all the platforms and devices.


Other alternative options include

Earlier, Sportlemon was one of the popular websites with an active streaming website. But in recent times, it functions more like a calendar or news feed that gives the fixtures, dates, and updates regarding the matches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sportlemon streaming be done on iPad?

Yes. The Sportlemon can be streamed on iPad using the Safari browser.

What are alternative streaming sites for Sportlemon?

Some alternative sports streaming sites include RojaDirecta,, StrikeOut, Bosscast, etc.

Should the user register with Sportlemon before accessing the streaming?

Yes. The user has to register to enjoy the full features of Sportlemon.

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