Best Travel Planning Apps to Make Your Trip Perfect

Looking for apps to plan your trip? Here are the top 10 travel apps that you should look for.

Nowadays, people tend to rely on Smartphones more while planning a trip. There are so many applications available in the official app store to provide all the necessary information related to the place you’re going to visit. This guide lists the top 10 best travel planning apps you can download on Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). Apart from providing information, it also displays videos and images related to that location.

  • Tripadvisor
  • Airbnb
  • Packing Pro
  • Tripit
  • Road Trippers
  • Sygic Travel Trip Planner
  • hopper
  • Skyscanner
  • Rome2rio


Trip Advisor - Best Travel Planning Apps

It is one of the top-rated and world’s largest travel platforms, where most travelers plan their trip. It seems to be the best because it provides pictures of the location, place to visit, nearby stay & hotel (at the best price), and user reviews. Apart from displaying the location, it also displays the complete look & feel of the location and the info you want. It also helps with booking tickets for flights & shopping in your preferred location.


Airbnb - Best Travel Planning Apps

Airbnb is the best planning app for all your travel fantasies. All you need to do is select the location, filter the perfect fit, dig into the complete history about the location, view images, videos, review the location, and then plan your trip. You can avail of any unique stays like private villas, treehouse, cottages, etc. It is one of the best and perfect travel planning apps for all your travel locations at all kinds of prices.

Packing Pro

Packing Pro - Best Travel Planning Apps

Packing Pro is one of the perfect travel apps for iPhone users. It gives a detailed report about your plan and the list of items you need to hold along the plan. It takes care of all kinds of customers in all aspects such as food preference, religious format, places familiar, artistic places, etc. If you are looking for a most comfortable trip, then Packing Pro will do the best.


Tripit - Best Travel Planning Apps

TripIt is one of the apps which is accessible on both Android & iOS. Unlike other traveling apps, TripIt can coordinate your plans regardless of the location you want. TripIt will design a guidebook for each customer according to their plan & scheduled days. With Tripit, you can also confirm all your plan via email to [email protected], and they will provide all your plan detail in no matter of time.

Kiwi - Best Travel Planning Apps has both good & bad feedback but still tops the best ten because of its business posture. The best of is its cost-effective airline tickets, offers in rental homes, and even vehicles for rent. It doesn’t provide many offers other than essential needs. If any of its customers miss the connecting flight through the app, it gives an alert message & notification, and it will book the ticket for a free allowance.


Roadtrippers - Best Travel Planning Apps

If you love traveling by road to your favorite location, Roadtrippers is one of the best apps you should opt for. It gives a complete plan map for your whole trip while discovering some amazing and best stops along the trip. Whether you want to travel by bike or car, it provides turn by turn navigation.

Sygic Travel Trip Planner

Sygic Travel Trip planner

Sygic Travel Trip Planner will organize trips as per the customer’s needs and generate a perfect trip guide. Before kick-starting the trip, you will know about all the attractions, places to visit, food & shelter, etc., in the place you planned. It also showcases some beautiful images & videos of the places where the customer has planned for. Most importantly, you can monitor the trip staying on track, even in offline mode.


Hopper - Best Travel Planning Apps

It seems to be simple, cost-effective, and accessible on both Android & iOS platforms. Hopper is the best travel planning app, especially with airline booking. But it also offers some great deals on flight ticket booking. Also, it holds a great track record for booking travel tickets. While talking about booking, it charges a small amount as commission, which will be mentioned in the payment slip. If you plan a trip via flight, you should definitely go for Hopper to get some great offers.


Skyscanner - Best Travel Planning Apps

Skyscanner guides you with some good plans and helps you book the whole trip from your smartphone. It helps you find cheap flight tickets, comparing train tickets with local & nearby places, last-minute flights, weekend breaks, search for cheap hotels, booking a cheap vehicle to hire, and explore top deals among popular destinations. Notably, there are no booking charges, unlike other apps. Skyscanner is available globally in over 30 languages to plan your trip.


Rome2Rio - Best Travel Planning Apps

Rome2rio app provides step by step information about the customer travel starts from booking till destination. It is active in more than 160 countries along with incorporation by 5000 companies. It makes the rome2rio one of the topmost traveling applications globally. The travel via Rome2Rio may look quite expensive, but it provides all the necessary features to make your trip a luxurious one.

With the above-mentioned travel planning apps, you can make a perfect travel plan to any location with ease. Make use of these apps and plan your trip in a better way. Mention the app that you have used for trip planning. You can also share the travel app name that we have missed in this guide.

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