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How to Reset Apple TV to Factory Settings [All Models]

Apple TV not working properly? Do a simple reset.

It is common that electronic devices tend to act weird at times. It may not respond, frozen, or will respond slowly for no reason. Apple TV is not an exception to this. You want to factory reset your Apple TV occasionally to eliminate such bugs. Also, you must reset your device when you want to give it to your friends or resell the device. By doing so, they can’t access your Apple information stored on the device.

If you’re resetting your Apple TV for any issue, restart your Apple TV beforehand and check whether the issue is fixed.

  • Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD: Go to Settings → choose System → click on Reset → choose Reset or Reset and Update.
  • Apple TV 3 & earlier: Go to Settings → choose General → click on Reset → choose Reset All Settings or Restore.

How to Reset Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD

Step1: Turn on your Apple TV and head to the Settings on your Apple TV.

go to Settings

Step2: Choose System on the Settings menu.

Choose System

Step3: Tap on the Reset option. You will see two options.

Restore Apple TV
  • Reset: This is the fastest way to factory reset your device. It doesn’t need an internet connection.
  • Reset and Update: This is similar to the above option. Additionally, choosing this option will update the software after the reset. It needs a standard internet connection.

How to Reset Apple TV 3rd Generation or earlier

Step1: Head to Apple TV settings.

Step2: Choose the General option on the list of options displayed.

Step3: Click on the Reset option.

Reset Apple TV
  • Reset All Settings: Choosing this option does a factory reset and will erase all your data and configurations associated with your device. You don’t need internet access to complete this option.
  • Restore: This is the same as the above process but also installs software updates if connected to an internet connection.

How to Reset your Apple TV Without the Remote

If your Apple TV Remote is not working properly, the reset process can be accessed in two different ways.

  • Using your iPhone as a remote control.
  • Using iTunes on PC or MacBook.

Reset Your Apple TV Using iPhone as a Remote

Earlier, Apple offered a dedicated app to control Apple TV right from the iPhone. After the iOS 15 update, Apple removed that app and merged the feature into the iPhone control center. So update your iPhone to the latest version to reset your Apple TV box.

Step1: Connect your iPhone to a WiFi network. On the other hand, connect your Apple TV to the same WiFi network.

Step2: Open Control Center on your iPhone.

Step3: Select the Remote icon.

Step4: Choose your Apple TV.

Step5: Now, you can control your Apple TV with your iOS device as a Remote.

Step6: Use the controls to visit the device settings and reset the device.

Reset Your Apple TV Using iTunes on Your Computer

Step1: Turn off your Apple TV and connect it to your Windows computer or Macbook using the lightning to USB cable.

Step2: After connecting it to your PC, switch on your Apple TV.

Step3: Open the iTunes app on Windows or Mac that you’re using. You will see the summary page of Apple TV. If it doesn’t appear, click the Apple TV icon on the top left side of iTunes.

Step4: Choose Restore Apple TV, and it will start to restore.

Restore Apple TV

Step5: While restoring, don’t unplug the USB cable.

Step6: When the restore is finished, unplug the USB cable and power cable.

Try using the Apple TV now. It will work flawlessly. Still, if you face some glitch or error, take it to the nearest Apple Service Centre.

How to Reset Your Apple TV Remote

Like the streaming device, your Apple TV remote may work properly. In that situation, you need to reset them. Apple TV has two types of remote: Apple TV Remote and Apple TV Siri Remote.

Before resetting your Apple TV Remote, remove the old battery and insert a new one in the case of the Aluminium Remote.

The Siri Remote has a rechargeable battery and not the replaceable one. Charge your Siri remote for a few minutes or check its charge. Go to Settings → click Remotes and Devices → choose Remote to see how much charge is left.

Step1: Press and hold the Menu button & Volume Up button for three seconds.

Step2: It will automatically reset and repair your remote to the streaming device. When your remote is paired with your Apple TV, you will see a pop-up on the top right side of your Apple TV stating that your remote is paired.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to reset network settings on Apple TV?

Unlike iPhone, there is no dedicated setting on the Apple streaming device to reset the network settings. When you had an issue with a particular WiFi, forget the WiFi connection on the settings and use an ethernet cable for a standard internet connection.

2. How to reset the Apple TV password or passcode?

→Go to Apple TV Settings.
→Select the General section.
→Scroll down to choose the Restrictions menu.
→Enter your old four-digit Apple TV passcode.
→Select Change passcode.
→Again enter your old passcode and then the new passcode to change it.

3. How to reset the Apple TV home screen?

Like network settings, you can reset the home screen settings on your device.

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