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Spotify Warns Apple Watch Users Not to Update to WatchOS 9

Spotify breaks streaming and Apple recommends not to update the WatchOS 9 on your Apple watch.

On September 12, 2022, Apple released WatchOS 9 update for Series 4 or higher models to introduce features like a medication management app, new running metrics, added sleep-tracking data, four new watch faces, redesigned dock, an AFib (Atrial Fibrillation) History Tool, and more. Apart from this, WatchOS 9 also introduces a bug that prevents users from streaming Spotify on Apple Watch.

Hence, Spotify urges watch users not to install the WatchOS 9 version. They have noted that after updating the Apple Watch to WatchOS 9, the Spotify app breaks its streaming when you open the app. The issue arises after a minute you started to play the song from the Apple Watch.

Many people across the world face the same issue. This issue arises on both WiFi and cellular network connection Apple Watches.

Apple announcement

Apple announced to wait for the WatchOS 9.1 update, which already has been distributed to beta developers. Like iOS 16.0.1 on iPhone 14, we can expect Apple to release a quick update to fix the issue.

The issue has not affected the songs downloaded on the Spotify app. Hence, the users can download their favorite songs on the Apple Watch to listen in offline mode. Or, they can use their iPhone to listen to their favorite tracks.

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