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How to Chromecast Vimeo Content to Smart TV

Simple ways to watch Vimeo on your Chromecast.

Nowadays, most of us spend our leisure time watching videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Even though these platforms provide the ability to upload videos, they don’t have advanced tools for content creation. That’s where Vimeo is very helpful. Apart from streaming videos in high resolution up to 4K Ultra HD, it also has tools to enhance your videos in an advanced way. Another best quality about Vimeo is that it has built-in Chromecast support. Hence, you can access it to watch your favorite videos on larger screens. You can easily cast Vimeo to TV by connecting both devices to the same network.

Chromecast Vimeo

How to Cast Vimeo to Chromecast from Android

#1: To begin with, you should connect your Chromecast and Android device to the same WiFi.

#2: Next, install the Vimeo app from the Google Play Store.

Install Vimeo

#3: Launch the app and log in with your Vimeo username and password.

#4: Tap the Cast icon that you can see in the top right corner of the app and select your Chromecast device.

#5: The Vimeo logo will appear on your Chromecast-connected TV or Chromecast built-in TV.

Chromecast Vimeo

#6. Select the video that you want to cast to TV.

#7: Watch the video on your Smart TV.

How to Cast Vimeo to Chromecast from iPhone

Similar to the Android app, Vimeo on iPhone and iPad also has a built-in cast icon.

#1: First, connect your iPhone with the same WiFi to which the Chromecast is connected.

#2: Install and launch the Vimeo app from the App Store.

#3: Enter your login credentials (username and password) to access the Vimeo app.

#4: Next, tap the Cast icon and select your Chromecast device name from the search result.

Chromecast Vimeo

#5: Choose the video you want to cast.

#6: That’s it. The Vimeo video playing on your iPhone will play on the Chromecast-connected TV screen along with subtitles.

How to Cast Vimeo to Chromecast Using Chrome on Windows/Mac

Other than the mobile apps, Vimeo is also accessible on the web. You can cast Vimeo videos directly from its website on your PC or laptop.

#1: Connect your laptop/computer and Chromecast to the same WiFi.

#2: Launch the Google Chrome browser on your computer.

#3: Drag your mouse cursor to the address bar, type and press the Enter button.

#4: Next, log in with your Vimeo account.

Login to Vimeo on web

#5: Click the three dots icon in the browser’s top right corner or right-click on the Vimeo web page.

#6: Select the Cast option from the list.

Select Cast

#7: Click the sources drop-down option and select the Cast tab menu.

Select Cast tab option

#8: Select your Chromecast device from the search result.

#9: Instantly, the browser screen will appear on the TV. Now, play the Vimeo content and watch it on the TV.

Chromecast Vimeo Not Working – General Fixes

Sometimes, you may face issues with casting Vimeo to the Chromecast-connected TV. Regardless of the reason, you can fix the issue with these solutions.

#1: First, ensure that both the devices (casting device and Chromecast) are connected to the same network. If not, you can’t find the cast icon on the Vimeo app.

#2: On your smartphone, clear the cached data of the Vimeo app. If you’re using a browser, clear the Chrome cache files.

#3: Update the Vimeo app on your smartphone. Those using the web version update the Chrome browser to the latest version.

#4: Update your Chromecast firmware to the latest version.

#5: If the above solution fails to fix the issue, reset your Chromecast and try to cast Vimeo again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. No Chromecast icon on Vimeo?

The only possible reason behind this issue would be the devices on the different WiFi networks. So, connect them to the same network and check whether the icon appears.

2. How much does Vimeo cost?

There are four plans available on Vimeo:
>Plus – $7/month
>Pro – $20/month
>Business – $50/month
>Premium – $75/month

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