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How to Chromecast Vimeo to TV [2020]

Simple hacks to watch Vimeo on your Chromecast.

Vimeo is an online streaming service that let you discover, upload and stream media titles. You will be able to watch, rent or sell the videos online. Vimeo offers videos in high resolution up to 4K Ultra HD and gives you better streaming experience across all your devices. It is a free streaming service but also has a Premium version. One more highlighting feature is that it has Chromecast support. Whether you want to watch Vimeo contents on your TV, Chromecast is the perfect solution. Vimeo app is officially available for the Android and iOS devices. The process to Chromecast Vimeo from Android, iPhone or iPad is pretty simple and easy with no complications.

Chromecast Vimeo from Android

Casting or mirroring from Android is straightforward and easy.

#1: To begin with, you should connect your Chromecast and Android device to the same WiFi.

#2: Next install the Vimeo app from the Google Play Store.

Install Vimeo

#3: Launch the app and login with your Vimeo username and password.

#4: Now select the video which you want to Chromecast.

#5: Play the video and tap the Chromecast icon.

Chromecast Vimeo

#6: Instantly your android device shows all the nearby Chromecast devices, you just tap your Chromecast device name from the list.

#7: Once the casting starts, the video on your Viemo app will be cast to the Chromecast connected TV screen.

Chromecast Vimeo from iPhone/iPad

Similar to the Android app, Vimeo on iPhone and iPad also has the cast icon.

#1: At first connect your iPhone with the same WiFi to which the Chromecast is connected.

#2: Then install and launch the Vimeo app from the App Store.

#3: Now enter your login credentials (username and password) to login to the Vimeo app.

#4: Now choose the video you want to cast.

#5: Next tap the Cast icon and then select your Chromecast device form the search result.

Chromecast Vimeo

#6: That’s it, the video playing on your iPhone or iPad screen will play on the Chromecast connected TV screen.

Select Chromecast device

Chromecast Vimeo from a PC/Laptop

Other than the mobile apps, Vimeo is also available on the web. You can cast Vimeo videos directly from its website on your PC or laptop.

#1: Initially connect your Desktop PC to the same WiFi in which the Chromecast is connected.

#2: Launch the Google Chrome browser on your computer.

#3: Drag your mouse cursor to address bar and type and press Enter button.

#4: Next Login with your Vimeo account.

Login to Vimeo on web

#5: Now click the three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen or alternatively right-click on the Vimeo web page.

#6: Select Cast option from the list.

Select Cast

#7: Here click the sources drop down option and then select Cast tab option.

Select Cast tab option

#8: Next select your Chromecast device from the search result.

#9: Instantly it starts casting your window with Vimeo on the Chromecast.

To Conclude

Vimeo is the most convenient ad-free streaming service built-in with Chromecast support. Above are the ways to Chromecast Vimeo regardless of which device you are using. Try these methods from any of your devices including Android iPhone, iPad or a PC to take your Vimeo to a big screen and have a great watching experience.

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