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Dark Mode Vs Light Mode – Which One is Better?

Choose either Light or Dark mode for the better and smart usage of devices.

User Interface has transformed into different dimensions over the period, and it keeps on evolving in every smart device in the world. Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches have a user-friendly interface to provide smooth usability. The most significant change in the user interface is the Dark mode. You can find the dark mode in almost all applications as an option to switch to it anytime. There can be much debate over which is the better one, dark or light. It can be understood easily with the basic factors. Let’s see the in-depth analysis of Dark mode vs Light mode in the below section.


Light Mode

Light Mode

Light mode is the default mode in all devices, and it has a white background with text in black color. It is inspired by the books, documents we use in our day-to-day life. This is created for easier adaptability to the newer devices from the conventional ones. Over the years, the developers and designers planned to create a new device with light mode.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is the new feature in the user interface, and it has many advantages over the light mode. It has a black background with white text just opposite to the Light mode. But it is not new to the computers because old computers have a black background with bright color text. Every new device, app, the browser has been developed with the Dark mode support.

Dark Mode vs Light Mode

By comparing these two modes, we land up in a situation that each mode has its own merits and demerits.


Light mode helps in reading the content on the device easily at any time, and it would be difficult for the eyes to read in low light conditions or at night time.

The dark mode is made for nighttime usage, and it emits minimum light from the device screen. Therefore it is useful for accessing the smart device for long hours.

Eye Health

Eye is an important part of every human being, and so it is for smart devices. You may face eye irritation, dryness, strain. It also has impactful effects on the eyes. The Dark mode is better than the light mode in terms of the healthiness of the eye.


Tutorials to enable dark mode in

Battery Consumption

You can come to an easy conclusion in the comparison of battery usage. The Dark mode consumes less battery power than the Light mode. You cannot be able to use the dark mode for long hours since it makes it difficult to focus on the screen.

Hence, we have discussed the various prospect for the Dark Mode vs Light Mode battle. It is advisable to use the smart devices in the bright light condition unless it is essential to use them in low light places.

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