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Slack Dark Mode: How to Enable It [With Screenshots]

Turn on Dark Mode on Slack app and protect yourself from bright light.

Nowadays, Dark Theme is the advanced feature that every one search on any app. The feature is officially available for various communication apps including Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, and more. Here, we will show you the steps to enable dark mode on Slack, a popular messaging app used to communicate with friends and co-workers via video call. You can select between light and dark theme to make working very easier. The darker theme gives you a pleasant feeling while chatting in the low-light conditions.

The steps to enable the dark theme will vary from one platform to another platform. We have show the procedure for all platforms with screenshots.

How to Enable Slack Dark Mode on Android App?

  • Open the app and ensure that you’re logged in.
  • Click the three-dot menu icon on the top right corner.
  • Click Settings.
  • Under the General menu, select Dark Mode.
  • Tap ON to enable it.
slack dark mode on android app

(Devices running Android 9 and below can select Batter Saver to enable the dark mode automatically whenever their device goes into battery saving mode.)

Alternative Way!

You can also use Dark Mode on Slack by configuring your Android device settings. However, this method works only on devices running Android 10.

  • First of all, you need to enable dark mode on Android device from the settings.
  • Now, open the app > click the menu icon (top right corner) > settings.
  • Scroll down the General section and click Dark Mode.
  • Select the System Default.
System default

That’s it. The dark theme on the slack app will be enabled automatically during the low light conditions.

How to Enable Slack Dark Mode on iOS app?

Like Android, using a dark theme on the slack iOS app is very easy. You can enable it quickly with the app settings.

iOS 12 and earlier:

  • Launch the app and swipe the screen from left to access the additional menu options.
  • Click Settings.
  • Select Dark Mode and enable it.

iOS 13 and later:

Users with devices running iOS 13 and later can’t find the option for dark mode with the app. Hence, they need to use it from device OS settings.

  • Configure your device background appearance to the dark theme. Learn how to enable dark mode on iOS.
  • After enabling that, launch the slack app.
  • The appearance of the Slack app will be changed automatically to the dark theme.
System default on iOS

How to Enable Slack Dark Mode on Desktop App?

Like Smartphones, the dark mode is also available for desktop applications (both Windows and macOS platforms). Here are the steps to enable it:

(1) Launch the Slack app and Sign in to you Slack user account.

(2) Click your profile name and tap the Preferences menu on the right-side panel.

Slack Dark Mode on Desktop App

(3) Under the Themes section, select the Dark theme.

Slack Dark Mode on Desktop App

Note: If you have selected Sync with OS settings, the appearance of the Slack app will be changed in accordance with the device settings.

You can follow the same procedure while using the web version of Slack.

Now, you will know the ways to use Slack dark mode. If you encountered any error while following this guide, you can mention it in the comments section.

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