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What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat

Send KMS to your friend to express your frustration and feelings

Snapchat is the only social media app where most users use short keywords while messaging friends, posting stories, posts, etc. There are certain short words that users don’t know the exact meaning or usage of. Some popular short words on Snapchat are OMW, BRB, SS, SB, KMS, and more. Among those popular short words, KMS is getting viral on Snapchat. Here, we have explained what is meant by KMS and its use on Snapchat.

What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat?

KMS means Kill Myself or Kill Me Now on Snapchat. This short word is mostly used by depressed or frustrated users to express their emotions and anger with friends, girlfriends, or others. Besides Snapchat, this short word is also used on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter to outburst their rage and wrath.

When to Use KMS on Snapchat

You can’t use the phase KMS in every situation, it can be only used when you’re feeling frustrated. Here are some situations where you can use KMS on Snapchat.

Kill Myself on Snapchat
  • You can use KMS while expressing your fake anger to your friend or loved one on Snapchat.
  • It can also be a suicide threat as a way of expressing your sadness or depression.
  • KMS can also describe an individual’s emotional pain, which brings them calamity and affects their psychological well-being.
  • While exposing an exaggeration of your inner feelings.

Commonly Used Acronyms on Snapchat

SFSSnap For Snap
LGLittle Girl
SRSlow Replies
T4TThanks For Trade
SMOSerious Mode On
GTGGot To Go
BRBBe Right Back
SBSnap Back
PCMPlease Call Me
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
BTWBy The Way
DYKDo You Know
FTWFor The Win

Other Meanings of KMS

Besides Kill Myself or Kill Me Now, there are other meanings for KMS used in different domains to specify chemical, business, and more.

  • Software term – Key Management Systems
  • Chemical term – Symbol for Potassium metabisulfite (K2S2O5)
  • Business term – Knowledge Management Systems
  • Physical term – Kilometers

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does KYS mean on Snapchat?

KYS means Kill Yourself on Snapchat.

2. What does WYF mean on snap?

When you find a new friend on Snapchat, you can use WYFWhere You From to ask someone’s origin on Snapchat.

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