What is Kodi Media Player? All You Need to Know

As technology is improving day-by-day, people are looking for media software’s to replace the cable TV. Kodi is one of the free media software’s used across the world. Developed by the XBMC Foundation, Kodi lets you access all kind of streaming contents from one place. Formerly called as Xbox media centre, it was developed for Xbox gaming consoles in the year 2002. Later, it was renamed as Kodi and developed for all major platforms. Go through the guide to know more about its features.


What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free and open-source software which gives access to stream media contents including audios and videos. The software can be accessed on all type of platforms including smartphones, laptop/desktop, tablets, streaming devices and smart TVs.

Because of its open-source nature, anyone can access this app with ease. Instead of downloading various streaming apps, one can download/install Kodi to access all the streaming services from one place. Unlike Plex, Kodi will be modified and updated regularly by its developers. Since the beginning, various Kodi versions have been released with constant updates and features. The most stable version of Kodi (while writing this article) is 18.5 Leia.

Kodi Compatible Devices

When it comes to compatibility, Kodi is supported on almost every platform. The software can be easily downloaded and installed on Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi.

Windows and Android users can download this app from either the official site or inbuilt app store (Android – Google Play Store, Windows – Microsoft Store). Linux and Raspberry Pi users can access the installation guide provided on the website to download it. However, iOS users need to jailbreak their iPad or iPhone before downloading this app.

Kodi Compatible Devices

What you can watch on Kodi?

First of all, users must remember the fact that Kodi doesn’t host or stream any content directly. You need to download addons for streaming the media. With Kodi addons, one can play all kind of media files (videos, audios and photos) along with live TV contents. In addition to those media files, it also lets you play games with the help of emulators. But, the games are only supported on 18 Leia versions.

The main advantage of using Kodi media player is that once you import the media files, it will search the web automatically to display the metadata like trailers, actor’s info, posters and more. Importing locally stored files is a straightforward process. Just click the respective content type on the left-side panel and then select the file location. For example, to add pictures, select Pictures > Add Pictures > Browse > Select the Folder > OK > Enter a source name > Click OK.

How to Setup Kodi?

The official website of Kodi has a detailed installation guide for all kind of operating systems. We have also prepared installation guides for all the platforms. With these help of these guides, you can setup Kodi on your device with ease. Here are the installation guides for

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Chromebook
  • Amazon Firestick / Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV Box
  • Xbox One
  • Raspberry Pi

What are Kodi Addons?

Addons are nothing but the plugins that can be installed to extend the functionality of the software. These addons can be accessed within the Kodi app. There are tons of addons available to provide access to movies, TV shows, live TV, PPV events, and more. The software provides various addons through the official Kodi repo. But, there are tons of popular addons available through third-party or unofficial sources.

Usually, the addons come in zip format and they can be installed within a few minutes. While downloading third-party addons, users must enable unknown sources on their app. Go through the list of best Kodi addons to know which addons are working right now. For each addon, we created a separate installation guide to take you in the right direction.

What are Kodi Repositories?

Kodi Repository is the place where you can download the addons. The addons list in the repositories will be updated regularly. Instead of downloading addons separately, it is better to download the repository that contains plenty of your favourite addons. In each repository, the addons will be split into different categories for easier downloading. Just like addons, plenty of repositories are available on the internet. To make your job easier, we created a list of best Kodi repositories.

What is Kodi Skin?

The coolest feature of Kodi is that the users can customize the software according to their convenience. There are plenty of Kodi skins available to customize the appearance of Kodi. But these skins can be downloaded only from the third-party repositories. Our list of Best Kodi Skins will provide you with the latest and popular builds available on the internet.

What is Kodi Build?

Kodi Build is a great way to install everything with a single click. Instead of downloading addons, skins and EPG separately, users can download builds to access all the aforementioned things. It also lets you customize the appearance of the app. The only thing you have to do is to select the build that has all your favourite addons. By installing them, you can stream movies, TV shows and other contents in a quick and sufficient manner. We suggest you check out our list of Best Kodi builds to pick the right one.

What is Kodi EPG?

Kodi EPG or Electronic Program Guide is a user-guide that works with live TV addons that you installed on the Kodi. It presents a user-friendly interface to check what program is currently playing along with the upcoming programs.

Is Kodi Legal?

The answer is Yes. The Kodi is 100% is legal to download and use. Kodi is a just media player that lets you stream your media files. However, it will become illegal once you download third-party addons for streaming illegal or copyrighted contents. So we advise you to download the addons that are legally available in the Kodi repository.

Is Kodi Legal?

Is Kodi Free?

Yes. Kodi media software is completely free. All the resources including addons, builds, videos and photos can be accessed without any fee. However, some of the addons like Netflix, Prime Video, PlayStation Vue and much more may require a valid subscription to work.

Is Kodi Safe?

Kodi application is completely safe and it will not cause any trouble to the users. However, if you stream the copyrighted contents, it becomes unsafe. While streaming media contents, your activities will be monitored by the ISP and government agencies. Once you are caught streaming copyrighted contents, you will have to face some legal problems from the copyright holders.


Even though Kodi is a popular media tool, it is not the only media service. There are plenty of media software’s available with advanced streaming features and an enhanced user-friendly interface. Here is the list of apps that you can consider as an alternative for Kodi

If you want more alternatives, then check out our dedicated article on best Kodi alternatives.

Is Kodi Worth Using?

If you want to change the way you stream media contents, Kodi is the best media software. The software is completely free and it is can stream all types of media available. If you’re a cord-cutter, you must try this software on your device. Make sure to stream the content that are legally available on the internet.

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